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Petersburg, Russia, trying on boots and caught the eye of the hero as he walked by the boutique. But her initial response -- to obviously tease him by showing her leg, and then walking out of the boutique, ignoring him, and then walking by him and throwing him flirty glances--confused me a bit.

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I understand the acting flirty, but it was almost like she couldn't decide if she wanted to be flirty and coy, or ign I thought the book started in an interesting way. I understand the acting flirty, but it was almost like she couldn't decide if she wanted to be flirty and coy, or ignore him. I put it down to an initial reaction to a good looking guy that she figured she would never see again.

But her attitude remained that way throughout the book, and it confused me. No wonder the guy was confused! One minute she was over-the-top flirty and seductive almost to the point of throwing herself at him in a way that he must experience with all women. The next minute she was, well, withdrawing and cold. For example, he asked her to come to New York with him.

She initially says no, then later runs into him with another woman. Because she's jealous, she apologizes to him in a whiny way, telling him she should have never said no. It seemed like she was acting the way that any woman would act who was really just interested in him for his money, looks and the lifestyle he could give her. In the next scene, we see her at the airport, heading back to London because she's finished her temporary job in Russia.

Suddenly he shows up at the airport, asking her if she's going with him to New York. So she does. Not entirely believable--she just met the man, barely knows him, and is flying with him to New York? Throughout the book she keeps throwing mixed messages that really confused me. Her over-the-top, sophisticated flirting made her seem like a paid escort at times. Then the next minute, she is whiny and clingy and the old fashioned girl from a middle income family. He keeps telling her in many ways that they don't really have a relationship other than in bed, and she seems to accept it one moment, but then whines in the next moment.

He's protective of her; doesn't want her involved in his business, since he's in the boxing industry and doesn't feel it is a safe place for her to be. But he doesn't really seem to have a deep connection with her other than in bed. He takes her to Paris for a long weekend and romances her.

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The author implies it was a final fling before he dropped her. She realizes this and sneaks back to London at the end of the weekend. Then suddenly he shows up at the airport in London and says he wants to marry her and have a family together. It just seemed odd. Maybe the author needed to put in a half-chapter about his feelings when he woke up and found the heroine gone, and realized that he would not be able to live without her quirky, flirty ways. Something that explains his sudden desire to marry her, since up to that point he did not seem interested in anything other than a physical relationship.

I just think the deeper stuff of a relationship needs to be better developed in this story. But it was an interesting story; just felt like something was missing in their relationship. Una historia sin muchos altibajos, y corta para pasar un buen rato Apr 09, Aruana rated it really liked it. I'm really starting to like Lucy Ellis. Set in Russia where he first sees her trying on a pair of boots.

The only thing this Russian's money can't buy… To merciless Serge Marinov, Clementine Chevalier's Mona Lisa smile and siren's body could incite a male riot! She's so bewitching that ground rules are required: he'll give her nights of endless pleasure—but in the stark light of Saint Petersburg's dawn he'll be gone.

Serge is Clementine's secret fantasy come to life, but she has no interest in money—his diamonds leave her cold.

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So she s Set in Russia where he first sees her trying on a pair of boots. So she sets some terms of her own: she won't be warming his bed until he shows her she's more than just this magnate's plaything!

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Nov 21, Bridie Coleman rated it it was amazing. This one also has a divine alpha male Russian named Serge who sees PR specialist Clementine trying on a pair of boots in a St. Petersburg store and is attracted to her. Seeing it initially as a potential one-night stand he is surprised when it doesn't go his way and ends up inviting her to go to New York with him but the more he gets to know Clementine his attitude to her being his plaything begins to change. But is it enough? Good sizzling read and it will keep you hooked. Feb 23, Dalia rated it it was ok. Clementine flirts, bats her eyelashes, sways her hips ALL the time, she has the irritating habit of sending mixed signals and then get upset at the result.

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Serge thinks she is a woman he picked from the streets. We are in harlequinland so the time isnt an important factor. Does this make any sense?

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Not to me anyway. Not recommended to people with high blood pressure. View 1 comment. Nov 02, Lacey rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-love. Love it, love the way she described a ruthless Russian billionaire. Oct 03, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: books-in Looking forward to more books from Lucy Ellis.

Jun 09, Mzpastrychef rated it it was amazing. Great read!!! Loved it. Karen rated it liked it Mar 24, Rebecca rated it liked it May 06, Dubaduba rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Erica rated it really liked it Sep 18, Petersburg where she is temporarily working and Serge is instantly attracted to her in her short leather miniskirt and thigh high boots.

As she is sashaying down the street in her "sexy getup" she pass by Serge who is standing next to his limo and she kept turning around and throwing him flirty glances. Girl is certainly not subtle. And in the middle of tossing flirty glances at Serge she gets mugged and Serge comes to the rescue. A day or 2 later Serge has to go to New York for business and he invites her to spend the week with him, she first says no then changes it to yes on the night she sees him with another woman.

When they get to NY and she realizes he can't spend all of his time with her she whines. One evening he cancels dinner for a business meeting which involved having to go to the gym to check out a boxer. She insists on going even though he warns her it was not the place for a woman to hang out. She whines until he gives in and when she goes she is all squirmy and uncomfortable and can't even watch the men boxing.

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Of course she then agrees she shouldn't have gone. Another annoying incident is when Serge told her he would like to keep on seeing her after their week in New York is up, she then asks if he could employ her because she is such a fabulous PR person. Mind you she already has a job and was not even thinking of leaving to look for something else but when he wants to continue seeing her she suddenly has a desperate need to work for him. When he said he doesn't think working for him would be a good idea she starts to whine again.

He explains he doesn't want her working in the fight game and offers to recommend her to any number of fashion firms he knows. And her response, "I'd prefer to get my own job, Serge. Only seconds before she was telling him to hire her because she was such a perfect PR person. Need I say more? Clingy, whiny female are so not my thing. The reason this book is getting any stars is because I like Serge.

He deserved a better heroine. I have finally found the worst romance book ever! I couldn't even get past the first couple of pages. What happen to characters that seemed real?!? The female main character is over 6'0 with a model like body who can afford high end shoes.

But don't forget how naughty she feels when she accidentally flashes her thigh highs to the other female shoe rep. I would love to find a romance book where the lead isn't over 5'5 that has flaws. Is that so hard? Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Audible Download Audio Books.