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Claudia Letizia Head Translator and Proofreader organictranslations. Privacy Terms Cookies. Premium Download Blogwig. I re-read several chapters just for the sheer joy of her "wordery. Especially as a fellow author, I appreciated her clever character development and happy diversions from a steady story line. Thank you Jan. Enjoyable, interesting plot. At the bridge of several genres--horror, fantasy, mystery and satire--Jan Underwood's new novel is a joy to read.


Her technique is masterful, her characters appealing, and her plot twists fresh. It is both suspenseful and captivating. Fine pacing, excellent characters, a wonderfully fancified version of the afterlife. And a grand farce of academic life, cutting to the bone. A stripper, an ancient Roman poet, two foreign language professors, and a crowd of hangers-on wander into a classical hero's quest fresh on the heels of murder. Will anyone care enough to assist a newly-minted and godless ghost searching for a suitable afterlife?

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Jan Underwood's second novel, Utterly Heartless, is a cozy mystery set on the rain-soaked campus of an urban university in the Pacific Northwest. Our hero, Latin Professor Linnea Nil, has been murdered and robbed of her heart. She presents herself for in-processing to the afterlife and is assigned to the Realm of Hades on account of having no religious affiliation except for a bit of scholarly work on ancient Romans in the era of the Republic. Unwilling to spend eternity in Hades on the basis of two essays published in Antiquities Studies Journal, Professor Nil sets out to get herself transferred to a more satisfactory Paradise.

The paperwork doesn't bother her, after all, she's employed by a university, but to qualify, she needs a really big favor from the living--who are, understandably, busy being alive and somewhat distracted by trying to solve the professor's murder.

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The story switches back and forth between the points of view of several characters whose lives are intertwined by their association with the university and complicated by acts of workaday heartlessness. The writing is full of clever word play.

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I especially enjoyed the "Notions Shop" where university students could shop for and purchase notions--ideas, not the kind for sewing--and even resell used notions they were tired of. Fans of off-beat humor, and anyone who likes the show Portlandia, will get a kick out of this light-hearted read.

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