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  • The Tabernacle's Table of Showbread pointed to the bread of life.
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With your partnership, we accomplish: Right now These things are happening Provide daily food, shelter, clothing, life saving medical care, eye glasses, hearing aids, therapy and education. Read More Empowering and training people, churches and organizations to become extraordinary. There are still millions in our world today that are forgotten, left in hopeless situations needing to be rescued.

Join us today and Rescue the Forgotten. Thank you in advance for your partnership. God Changed My Life From the cold streets, train stations, and hopeless situations these men were rescued by Bread of Life. New Life Rescue Center. Holy Start. Rescue Children. Extraordinary Leadership. ER "Education Rescue". Plant Local Churches.

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Rescue Doctors. Founders of Bread of Life International. They are so happy when they see someone hungry eat, someone lost found and someone forgotten rescued. They have three beautiful children and live in Poland. Little did Charles know that when he came to study in Poland that God would change his heart to rescue the forgotten in his home country.

Charles and his team teach and equip individuals and churches his own country how to become extraordinary and now his team is looking to expand through Ivory Coast and West Africa. He took hot cups of tea to his local train station giving the love of Christ to homeless men and women.

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Tomek, now the director of Bread of Life in Kalisz. Mirek knows what he is talking about when it comes to growing up in an abusive home, addictions and prison. God rescued Mirek and today he is leading not just his community but Poland in changing the youth of his country.

To fight against addictions, abuse, and to stand for what is right and good. After feeling called to, Steven has decided to focus his media talents full-time with Bread of Life and is on a mission to communicate and visualise our projects to the rest of the world. She also states, "I feel complete when coming to Bread of Life. Daniel and Ruth are a family with 3 children living in Wichita, Ks.

They were both employed at the same company and found themselves overnight without a job -- their positions were terminated.

Table of Showbread

They went from a family with dual income to none instantly. They came to Bread of Life for the first time in March Judie has been coming to Bread of Life for several years now. Her husband became disabled and Judie had to quit her job to stay home and be his caretaker. Why did Jesus and his disciples go up into a mountain?

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See John —3 ; note the Joseph Smith Translation of Mark in footnote 31 a, which says that Jesus and his disciples went to a solitary place. How did Jesus respond when the multitude came to him? See Mark —34 ; Matthew How can we follow his example of compassion? How did Jesus feed the multitude? See John —13 ; see also Matthew How can we follow the example of the boy who gave his loaves and fishes to Jesus?

How does the Lord bless us when we, like the boy, give whatever we have in His service? These are the many humble bishops in the Church, some without formal training but greatly magnified, always learning, with a humble desire to serve the Lord and the people of their wards. What are some examples you have seen of people being magnified by the Lord as they have served him?

How is the miraculous feast from five loaves and two fishes symbolic of the spiritual feast the Savior offers us? Read and discuss John —21 and Matthew — Explain that after Jesus fed the multitudes, he instructed his disciples to get into a ship and go to the other side of the sea.

He then sent the multitudes away and went up a mountain to pray. As the disciples were crossing the sea, they were caught in strong winds. How did the disciples react when they saw Jesus walking toward them on the water? See Matthew ; John How did Jesus respond to their fears?

Bread of Life Pantry​

See Matthew — See Matthew How do we sometimes make similar errors when difficulties arise? What did Peter do when he began to sink? What did Jesus do? What does this reveal about our relationship with the Lord? How have you felt the Savior strengthen you and calm your fears? Read and discuss selected verses from John — Why did they follow him? Note that the word meat in verse 27 means food.

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See John , 47— What did Peter and the other Apostles understand about Jesus that those who left did not understand? The following material supplements the suggested lesson outline.