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In fact, it is so much information that I had to read it twice in places and think, perhaps, this could have been broken up into smaller increments making it easier to take in. The ending brings some closure about the catastrophe to this family, but also lays a heavy burden and responsibility on Dan. View 1 comment. This book has a number of problems. First, a quick synopsis: Daimones is set in and around Geneva, Switzerland. Dan works for a firm in Geneva, but he, his wife and his daughter live in a sort of exurb across the border in France. One day, he's fired from his job and goes home.

A day or two later, there's some kind of weird windstorm that wakes him and his wife in the middle of the night; the next morning, they discover every other human in the world is dead. Or, to be more precise, nearly every This book has a number of problems. Or, to be more precise, nearly every other human -- there are survivors, but they are far-flung around the globe. Eventually, Dan figures out who caused this apocalypse, and how it ties into an incident from his childhood. Now, the problems. The biggest one is the pacing. Marino spends the whole first half of the book describing, in too much detail, the family's efforts to stockpile supplies and arm themselves.

It's only at the midpoint that Dan and his family learn of another survivor in Geneva. And contact with the aliens behind the apocalypse kind of comes out of the blue; it should have been foreshadowed much earlier in the story, especially since it turns out Dan has had contact with them before. I also think Marino missed an opportunity with Dan's dismissal from work; it could have been much more than a plot device that allows him to be home when the apocalypse occurs.

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Dan never makes the connection that he was singled out at work for dismissal in the same way he's been singled out by the aliens for survival. But also, he never goes through the typical emotional responses of someone who's been let go: anger that he was misunderstood, confusion about what happens next, concern about how to support his family, and, in Dan's case, a sick feeling of justification when he survives the culling and the morons who fired him don't. Numbness and depression are also common reactions to being fired.

But Dan doesn't think about any of that, and his actions don't belie that he's feeling any of it, either; his biggest concern is the timing for telling his daughter. Finally, I wish Marino had used someone whose first language is English to go over his prose. His English is good, but I ran across numerous instances where his word choice, while accurate in terms of definition, is not what a native English speaker would have used. The one that sticks out for me is "corpse. In summary, I'd say Daimones is a science fiction novel with an interesting premise, but some problems in its execution.

View 2 comments. Daimones is a polarizing novel. I believe that though I neither loved Daimones nor hated it, the ends of the spectrum will be the reality of other readers. Daimones is a reflective novel. Set in a post-apocalyptic world it is rife with symbolism. Marino and Stroud set a tone of an event that could really happen prefaced with real news stories. Could Dan have stopped the oncoming apocalypse if only he had given his attention to the world around him and not to the co-worker who was kissing tushie?

The writer seems to purposely make the story confusing at the start. Where some readers will become invested, some will get lost and put the book down. To really become one with this book a reader has to invest themselves in the characters and their plight. I was able to do so at first but after a while I found myself reading and hoping for something new to happen. It took incredible talent and planning to write a story this complex emotionally.

What would you do if one day you woke up to find that the world had ended? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. I loved how the book begins with the strange mass animal deaths as this is already occurring and they hold a great intrigue for me.

After everybody dies however I found the book to be quite slow going however still captivating. Although it is not action packed I thought this book rang true to what people might actually do if such an event were to occur. For example after the family have stocked up on all their immediate needs a I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. For example after the family have stocked up on all their immediate needs and had concluded there was no impending danger Dan finds leisure in perusing through a cigar shop.

I can see myself doing similar but perhaps through a book store! I found the ending to be not only original but also captivating with the suggestions that the human race had nearly destroyed itself on other occasions after having destroyed a previous planet. The last chapter however seemed a bit rushed however and I thought a few more pages about the current situation of the human race would have improved it. All in all I really enjoyed this book. Personally I would have loved a bit more hard science and action.

Nonetheless I look forward to reading the next books in the series and think it deserves all the awards it has received. I recommend this book to anyone who loves post-apocalyptic novels Jan 27, K. This book has a slow pacing that took me a bit to get used to, however I soon realized I was experiencing the slow progress from bewilderment to preparation and finally acceptance of the new world that Dan has found himself in.

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Unlike so many other apocalypse stories, this one is not populated with the monsters zombies, vampires, etc. Yes, these can be fun to read but also rather predictable. Marino's story is just the opposite. I was thoroughly immersed in Dan's world, This book has a slow pacing that took me a bit to get used to, however I soon realized I was experiencing the slow progress from bewilderment to preparation and finally acceptance of the new world that Dan has found himself in.

I was thoroughly immersed in Dan's world, wondering all the same things he was and finding I would have taken the same steps in home protection and seeking out of other people as he did. Side note: I loved the Facebook Advertisement scenes Why not?! In fact, I found myself more and more engrossed with Dan's discoveries as the story neared its climax. Definitely going to read the rest of this series. Imagine waking up to find you are the only family left on earth?

That is the opening premise of Daimones. Dan, Mary and Annah awaken one morning, go about their morning routines and discover that everyone is dead on the way to school. Deeply shocked and full of despair, Dan and his family learn how to survive after a great, if unknown, tragedy has befallen the human race. This story follows Dan, and his desire to protect and care for his family, survive, seek out other survivors and discover wha Imagine waking up to find you are the only family left on earth?

This story follows Dan, and his desire to protect and care for his family, survive, seek out other survivors and discover what killed nearly the entire human race. Daimones is a different book. I'm not sure whether to place it into sci-fi, fantasy or what. It is definitely post-apocalyptic but it covers both science, the supernatural and in part, religion. Once the Daimones are revealed, it is clear that something else has been going on that what was thought at the beginning.

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  • This book was haunting. It will stick with you for awhile, as the explanation the writer reveals is made known, it will shake your foundations. He links human myth and science together well and the final answer is almost like a loss of innocence; shocking, terrible and wonderful all at once. Pros: This book has many pros. It's very original, and the author has definitely done his homework. I like the inter-meshing of modern ideas with the Greek mythos that is revealed at the end literally the second to last chapter.

    I also like the Biblical references at the end as Dan undergoes his transformation. I'm trying not to throw out any spoilers, and it's hard! The book is intelligent, logical and character driven my thing. Until the last two chapters, the book has a nice pace as we watch Dan and his family survive and evolve in their new world. Cons: I don't have many cons. My main problem was the information drop in the second to last chapter.

    The whole book built up to the question, "What the hell happened? Dan didn't discover it or have it hinted to him over time, no, the Daimones come out and just tell him. It was too quick, almost like the author was tired of writing and decided to get it over with. Then, there is only one last chapter that talks about the aftermath and covers a few years, but I felt that I never got resolution for the other characters.

    My second "con: was the narration. This may just be a matter of preference, but I never quite got into Dan's voice. Maybe because he was too analytic, or practical, and even though he sometimes described his feelings, it was like seeing them from a distance.

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    • This is the author's first novel, and he comes from a scientific background which may be what I'm picking up, or an English as a second language or something I don't know the author's linguistic background. Anyway, just my personal preference. Overall, I did really enjoy the book. I couldn't wait to get time to read it. I kept coming back because I wanted the mystery of how everyone died solved. Once I realized it was supernatural in aspect or alien I kept waiting for more to be revealed Dan's first revelation about the aliens was sort of out of the blue, that could have been hinted at earlier.

      Having new survivors show up like Michael and Laura added to the suspense of how the family would survive and prosper. The book was well paced other then the last 2 chapters and kept me wanting more. I would definitely recommend it to both sci-fi, post-apocalyptic and urban fantasy adult readers.

      Why did the strange death of birds and fish cause alarm among naturalists and environmentalists in all nations? What would you do if you were taking your child to school one morning to find death everywhere with automobiles crashed all over the place? Where are all the people that should be alive here and around the world? I liked that it was in the firs-person narrative. I must say this is a different of novel with lots of things happening.

      Series: The Daimones Trilogy

      Planet earth is in trouble, who has the answers? This one is almost like a Stephen King novel. But, that being said, Stephen is the best at conjuring up relationships, anguish, sexy language, unbelievable apocalypses, traumatic events Jeannie Walker Award-Winning Author ] Diamones Trilogy 1 - Massimo Marino I was lucky enough to receive this free in exchange for an honest review, and found it to be an enjoyable read. The story begins with absolutely zero indication of what is to come. And what is to come is a story of vast dimensions. This book is challenging to review without including spoilers, which I try to avoid whenever possible.

      Interestingly, the longer I think about the story the more details I discover to have been hidden in plain sight. I was so focus Diamones Trilogy 1 - Massimo Marino I was lucky enough to receive this free in exchange for an honest review, and found it to be an enjoyable read. I was so focused on the 'here and now' of the story that I did not initially 'see' the not so hidden overarching parallels, even when directly mentioned.

      For a large portion of the story things are mostly believable - yet there are parts that seem to progress much faster than one would expect in real life. Things like that threw the balance off a bit for me, though some do get explained later in the story. Characters are well written, and it reads like a pretty fair representation of our world anytime from the mid-nineties on.

      There is some interesting 'recycling' of history as we currently understand it to be until the next big discovery blows all prior theories out if the water that is. Personally I am happy that this is the first in a series. Marino has done a nice job with telling this tale, but I feel that had it ended with this book it would have cut out right before the truly challenging part of the tale. Thank you to the author for the review copy. Dan Amenta woke up one morning to discover the world had changed…the Apocalypse had arrived.

      Death, destruction, and disaster were wreaking havoc across the globe. Yet Dan and his family remained untouched and he sensed some sort of supernatural power had left them the only three people alive on Earth. They were not. Post Apocalyptic novels are my favourite kind and this one was in the way of being slightly different to the norm.

      The end comes quietly an Thank you to the author for the review copy. The end comes quietly and the whole book I would describe as quietly contemplative. A beautifully written story which begins with a look at our society that is both frightening and real, this had the benefit of immediately grabbing my attention. After the event Dan and his family believe they may be the only people left alive. As they prepare for this possibility this is an extremely compelling look at human nature and our reactions to impossible circumstance.

      I do not want to give much away. The author weaves a haunting authentic feeling end of days tale using his characters to drive home the horrors of it all. I read this fast — it was difficult to leave behind and I look forward to more. Recommended for fans of Post Apocalyptic fiction.

      Happy Reading Folks! Daimones by Massimo Marino This story offers a unique perspective on how one family handles the end of the world as they know it. Instead of a world-wide sweeping account of what happens, this story centers on one family. They are going about their daily lives when overnight, everything changes. I got involved in these characters. I felt their angst. I was invested in their daily lives. Then suddenly, the world changed.

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      I was with them as they accepted their new reality. I was with them when they Daimones by Massimo Marino This story offers a unique perspective on how one family handles the end of the world as they know it. I was with them when they tried to reach out to other survivors. I felt their sadness and their desperation as they struggled to deal with the changes to the world that affected them in such a profound manner. I was with them as they changed to deal with the new realities that had been thrust upon them.

      I enjoyed their love and care for each other. This is an intimate portrait of a family who woke up one morning and discovered the impossible had happened. I felt a sense of triumph and sadness as they made their way through the transition from the old world to the new. This is an excellent story. I highly recommend it. Aug 27, James A. What A Jewel! This is quite simply a brilliant sci-fi novel and story.

      It is a post-apocalyptic vision that is stunning in its breadth and complexity. What values would give meaning to your life when everybody else is no more? What if you had to walk alone in your city, where every house, every apartment has become a tomb? Would you feel like Dan? Business shut down for lack of customers. I had the impression of walking onto a movie set, all perfectly staged down to the smallest details, yet deserted as the actors and crew had not arrived. Designer retail stores and world-famous watchmakers lined the streets that used to be packed with window shoppers.

      The entire district resembled a fashion runway, perfect and beautiful. The resemblance though was loathsome, as if fashionable jewels and clothing brands had finally admitted they did not care whether customers liked them or not. They reclaimed a reason to exist for themselves, becoming altars and shrines to vanity and vacuity. Our world, though, tells us we have a spiritual-death apocalypse already in place. The Daimones Trilogy,V olume 1.

      Daimones (Daimones Trilogy #1) by Massimo Marino

      Genre: Science Fiction. Over 1, ratings on combined goodreads and Amazon. Murder, genocide, the Apocalypse. Explore the future of humanity in Massimo Marino's sci-fi debut, Daimones, an apocalyptic tale that feels like it could happen tomorrow. You may never sleep through a windstorm again. Nothing could have prepared them for the last day. Death swept away the lives of billions, but spared Dan Amenta and his family, leading them to an uncertain future. When merely surviving isn't enough and the hunt for answers begins, memories from the past and troubling encounters lead Dan to the truth about the extermination of the human race.

      Distressing revelations will give new meaning to their very existence. Early humans shaped the future and seeded a plan millions of years in the making. Now survivors must choose: Endure a future with no past or fade away into a past with no future? Once Humans. The Daimones Trilogy, Volume 2. Peace and security are suddenly shattered with acts of sabotage disrupting the fragile equilibrium of the growing society.

      Eventually, they find Laura, a survivor who manages to win their hearts Laura reveals her panicking encounter with strange entities which Dan recognizes in his childhood hallucinations. Dan forces himself to find and confront them: An older power controls the fate of men. A few selected will face the ultimate quest: a painful genetic transformation and work toward the rebirth of a new human race, or oblivion and death in isolation.

      But peace and security of the cradle are suddenly shattered by acts of sabotage set to disrupt the fragile balance of the fledgling communities. The story reveals a cosmic conspiracy full of betrayal and fear, being hatched with the hope of pushing the world perilously close to the brink of self-destruction. In "The Rise of the Phoenix" the humans evolve in a dark future, and an alien colonization changes forever the destiny of the race of man.

      Aliens have regenerated a new, transgenic species of humans called the Selected. The first contact with the aliens led to the apocalypse--Daimones Trilogy Vol. The last humans--the 'spared ones'--have all died but Hope, the second of Dan Amenta's human daughters, though she's living her last days, too. A new neurological drug, Fusion, is heavily produced on Eridu and has created the path for a rapid evolution of the new humans, richness and good fortune.

      The past events--Daimones Trilogy Vol. The second volume on the Daimones Space Opera: the death and rebirth of the human race. The last day has come and gone but the post-apocalyptic saga continues in Once Humans, the gripping sequel to Daimones by Massimo Marino.

      In utopian communities across the planet, Dan Amenta and his fellow survivors enjoy peace and plenty,… [Read More].