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Rich colours and arresting designs capture the mood of celebration and joy that characterizes this photographic record of contemporary religious works of art. Chosen for their excellence in design and stitchery, these works represent the achievements of artists who have created art, in fabric, for places of worship.

This book celebrates this important artistic expression, a significant part of our heritage. Pieces are selected from communities across Canada: from a small parish on a Micmac reserve in Nova Scotia to a large urban synagogue in Vancouver; from the igloo-shaped cathedral in Iqaluit to a suburban church nestled beside a wildlife march in southwestern Ontario. Written by the editor of The Encyclopedia of Energy, Cutler Cleveland, this dictionary gives professionals across the multi-disciplinary field of energy a tool to better communicate on energy matters and understand energy issues and opportunities.

This paperback edition, priced at less than half the price of the hardcover edition and expanded with over new terms, makes this valuable reference available to an even wider audience beyond energy scientists, including new professionals, students, and corporate oil and gas companies.

As the core technical foundation for the modern services science, Services Computing covers the science, technology and business models of effectively creating and leveraging computing technology to bridge the gap between business and IT services. This book systematically introduces the fundamentals of this new discipline based on the latest research results in web services and Service-Oriented Architecture SOA ; business consulting methodology and utilities; business process modeling, transformation, integration, and management; and services as software, software as service, and Web 2.

Major solution architectures, technologies and research methods are discussed in the lifecycle of services innovation research. This book provides readers with new research and solution methods to better create and manage business services, which is the goal of Services Computing. He is the father of Services Computing.

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New Zope 3 is a web applications server written in Python that allows developing complex web applications rapidly and collaboratively. Zope 3 is the successor to the successful version 2. After an introduction to the key concepts of Zope, a sample application is built and extended subsequently. The book is targeted towards developers familiar with the web and web technologies. Special sections for Zope 2 developers cover the basic differences to the predecessor.

The concepts of Zope 3 and its component architecture are explained thoroughly, continually accompanied by a demo application. Mitchell Tauris Academic Studies Iran The Safavid dynasty originated as a fledgling apocalyptic mystical movement based in Iranian Azarbaijan, and grew into a large, cosmopolitan Irano-Islamic empire stretching from Baghdad to Herat. Labels: Iran. The Accumulation of Capital Routledge Classics. The Accumulation of Capital Routledge Classics Rosa Luxemburg Routledge Economics Rosa Luxemburg was a revolutionary socialist who fought and died for her beliefs.

In January , after being arrested for her involvement in a workers' uprising in Berlin, she was brutally murdered by a group of right-wing soldiers. Her body was recovered days later from a canal.


Six years earlier she had published what was undoubtedly her finest achievement, The Accumulation of Capital - a book which remains one of the masterpieces of socialist literature. Taking Marx as her starting point, she offers an independent and fiercely critical explanation of the economic and political consequences of capitalism in the context of the turbulent times in which she lived, reinterpreting events in the United States, Europe, China, Russia and the British Empire.

Many today believe there is no alternative to global capitalism. This book is a timely and forceful statement of an opposing view. Reviews This volume is admirable in that it reads Marx with a critical eye. It is not particularly accessible, and can be confusing for almost anyone not familiar with Das Kapital. I would not recommend it as an introduction to marxist economics. Download this book!

Free Ebooks Download. Labels: Economics. Kogut,Mikhail A. Stephanov Cambridge University Press Engineering This book discusses the physical phases of Quantum Chromodynamics QCD in ordinary environments, as well as in extreme environments with high temperatures and high baryon numbers. Under such extreme conditions, new phases are thought to exist: the quark-gluon plasma and color superconductivity.

After introducing lattice gauge theory, John Kogut and Mikhail Stephanov emphasize the application of QCD to the study of matter in extreme environments through a host of methods. These include lattice gauge theory, lower dimensional model field theories and effective Lagrangians.

Labels: Engineering. Reviews This is a good book about how to have the great futer in computer Maintenance and And work and job apportunities in the great fuature in computer, Copmpuets are the future of life. Labels: Job Hunting. Doing Business with Poland. Doing Business with Poland Marat Terterov,Jonathan Reuvid GMB Publishing Economics Originally published in the pre-EU-accession period, this edition of Doing Business with Poland has been updated to take account of the post-accession changes to the legal and fiscal environment.

It remains a definitive appraisal of the economic and investment climate, including an examination of the legal structure and business regulation, information on the financial sector and unique best practice on all aspects of trading with and investing in Poland. The guide also provides an overview of key sectors of trade and investment. On the one hand he is a common man: a laborer, a hired hand who works for wages.

Yet in his lonely struggle against nature and animal cunning, he becomes larger than life. Who is this cowboy? Where did he come from and where is he today? Erickson addresses these questions based on firsthand observation and experience in Texas and Oklahoma. And in the process of describing and defining the modern working cowboy-his work, his tools and equipment, his horse, his roping technique, his style of dress, his relationships with his wife and his employer-Erickson gives a thorough description of modern ranching, the economic milieu in which the cowboy operates.

The first edition of this book was published in For this second edition Erickson has thoroughly revised and expanded the book to discuss recent developments in cowboy culture, making The Modern Cowboy the most up-to-date source on cowboy and ranch life today. This is a lively portrait, sure to appeal to all Western buffs. Informative, engaging, and clearly the real thing. In doing this, he actually provides an account of how much cowboying has changed in the hundred or so years of its existence.

Erickson's 1st end edition of this book and wondered if the 2nd edition would live up to standards set by the first edition. I was not disappointed.

Das C Kompendium Stl Objektfabriken Exceptions German 2004

Erickson gives a unique insight to cowboying. The chapters "Economics and the Cowboy" and "The Cowboys Wife" are in themselves enough to make this book a unique contribution to Western American literature. I have only one small complaint about Erickson's work. That is that he gives feedyard cowboys the short shrift. His only discussion of them is a few condensending comments in "The Last Cowboy" chapter. He says he doesn't mean to disparage them and yet turns around and does just that.

Moreover the distinction between feedyard cowboys and ranch cowboys is largely an artificial separation that exists only in Erickson's mind. The majority of feedyard cowboys that I've worked with have worked ranches and you will find quite a few ranch cowboys on the Great Plains who have put in their time in the feedyards. However, I would not let this one oversight of Erickson's keep me from reccommending this book to anyone and everyone. Reviews Now in its second edition, The Modern Cowboy strives to answer the query: who is the American cowboy?

Where did he come from, and what is he today? Digging deep into American history, legend, and practical reality, as well as taking a solid look at the contemporary lives led today by men responsible for the welfare of cattle, The Modern Cowboy is a superb source of background material for anyone who truly wants to know more about the legendary figure who appears in so many Western novels and movies. Highly recommended both for entertainment and personal edification. It is a very good book about the life of the American cowboy. Erickson covers every aspect of the cowboy working on a ranch in our country.

He not only covers the day to day life of the cowboy, he gives the reader a view of what is in the future for cowboys and ranching. A great book. Labels: United States. Wheeler,Hector R. Wong,Thomas P. Shanley Springer Internal Medicine This book provides comprehensive information on the respiratory tract in pediatric critical illness and injury in a repackaging of the relavent chapters from the popular Pediatric Critical Care Medicine edited by Wheeler, Shanley and Wong. Labels: Internal Medicine. Reviews This is another fall down laughing book from Dave Barry. I don't know how he does it.

I couldn't get through one page without laughing out loud. Friends and family around me thought I was nuts until they read the book themselves. Dave Barry's ability to make something funny about anything never ceases to amaze me. Reviews Some of Dave Barry's books are screamingly, laugh-out-loud funny.

Others are just silly and juvenile. This is one of the lesser Dave Barry books; it's still amusing, in a juvenile and just plain silly way, but it's far from his best. Reviews This is vintage Dave Barry. My only complaint is that eventually the book ended. Lots of fun! Reviews Watch out for Citrus canker.. Reviews This collection of Dave Barry's 21st century annual reviews, with his sort of history of the world prior to the year , aims its pointed humor at the absurd behavior of those who may take themselves just a little too seriously, and especially those who seem to think they can outwit the general public.

While it may be true that an alarming number of Americans can be outwitted, you can be sure "the funniest man in America" won't be among them. From suit-wearing talking heads on TV, to Martha Stewart who just wants to focus on her salad , to Al Gore and his status reports from earth , to most anyone connected to the Bush administration, like Dick, "Dick," Cheney , Barry massacres them all with his rapier wit. He only spares the year because after the September 11 attacks "it didn't feel right to make jokes about the rest of the year and then either ignore the attacks or suddenly become serious.

Labels: Humor. Art of the Spirit: Contemporary Canadian Fabric Art Helen Bradfield,Joan Pringle,Judy Ridout Dundurn Press Limited Fashion Rich colours and arresting designs capture the mood of celebration and joy that characterizes this photographic record of contemporary religious works of art. Labels: Fashion. The city of Brasov was the core of the wartime Rumanian aviation industry. Some of these veterans reluctantly shared their wartime memories with me, altough mentioning the officially denied anti-Soviet war was considered imprudent under the Communist regime.

I realized that their stories must be preserved for posterity. I am now able, after collecting the facts nnd photographs over 15 years, to assemble the story of the Rumanian Air Force in World War Two. Their story is a colorful and interesting one, filled with highlights and drama, as well as successes and failures. This unique story includes frequent historical and political turning points as well as the large variety of foreign and indigenous aircraft types operated by Rumania. This book is a premiere, as it is the first comprehensive work published in English on the Rumanian Air Force.

My task in compiling this book was difficult due to the scarcity of hard information combined with the occasional lack of co-operation by Rumanian historians. Some airmen and local historians refused to assist me, which considerably hindered my work. Given the sensitivity of the recent history of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, I attempted to write this book in an impartial manner. I made every effort to discard stereotypes and look beyond the cliches perpetuated by all off the World War Two participants. Labels: Military Science.

A supplement appeared in As outlined in the preface, the encyclopedia now contains nearly 1, entries, as opposed to 2, entries in the first edition and supplement. Original authors or, in some cases, the publisher took the opportunity to revise or update around half of the approximately articles that were carried over from the first edition. Also new are entries such as Haitian Creole language, Obeah, Pele, Samba, and West Indies Federation, reflecting a crucial difference between this edition and the first--as its new subtitle indicates, the scope has been expanded beyond North America.

Numerous entries have been expanded to fit this new "diasporic approach. Baseball, on the other hand, is still focused on the U. Gone are many articles that represented the U.

Entries range in length from around half a page to more than 10 pages. Most have bibliographies attached, and the bibliographies that have been updated are indicated as such. Approximately black-and-white photographs down from roughly 1, enhance the text, as do occasional sidebars. Volume 1 contains an alphabetical list of entries and a directory of more than contributors. In volume 6 are a thematic list of entries; a collection of around 35 primary documents; a section of "Statistics and Lists" in business, education, entertainment, and other areas; and a very good index.

In the foreword, Howard Dodson, the Schomburg Center's director, explains that the way the field of African American studies has evolved and "the pace at which new knowledge is being produced" justify a second edition only 10 years after the first. Does this mean libraries should buy it? The answer is yes, because of the new edition's dramatically expanded focus. Though the two sets have much in common, there are important differences. For example, Africana has three times more entries and a broader geographical scope, covering the African presence around the world as well as providing extensive coverage of the African continent.

High-school and small to medium-sized public libraries can't go wrong with either one. Large collections, especially those supporting African American studies programs, will need both. Mary Ellen Quinn Download this book! Labels: Encyclopedias. Dictionary of Energy: Expanded Edition. Cleveland,Christopher G. Morris Elsevier Science Engineering Written by the editor of The Encyclopedia of Energy, Cutler Cleveland, this dictionary gives professionals across the multi-disciplinary field of energy a tool to better communicate on energy matters and understand energy issues and opportunities.

Here are over 8, key words with 10, entries total covering some 40 scientific disciplines and topics, along with essays by scientists, biographical entries on key individuals working in the field, and historical quotes on energy matters. Add well over a hundred black and white photos and illustrations throughout and color-coded sidebars of detail and you have an outstanding reference resource. Mark Twain was known as a great American short story writer as well as novelist and humorist.

This collection of eighteen of Mark Twain's best short stories, including both the well known and the lesser known, displays his mastery of Western humor and frontier realism, the qualities for which he is best known. The stories also show how Twain earned his place in American letters as a master writer in the authentic native idiom. He was exuberant and irreverent, but underlying the humor was a vigorous desire for social justice and equality. It became the title story of The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Sketches , published in , which was the work that established him as a leading American humorist.

List of titles: 1. Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog 2. Cannibalism in the Cars 4. Journalism in Tennessee 5. Political Economy 8. Punch, Brothers, Punch! Jim Baker's Blue-Jay Yarn The Stolen White Elephant The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm Extracts from Adam's Diary The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Eve's Diary Reviews This collection of short stories will is just what it says it is. While it does not give you any additional information on Mark Twain, it does provide you with some of his best short stories and allows you to envision this brilliant writer with some of his finest works.

This volume is very humorous, so buy it if you enjoy Mark Twain or just want a good laugh or two. Reviews I have no doubt that Mark Twain was one of the greatest writers ever and if you've read his more popular work then I suggest that you sit down with these rarely printed short stories to prove to yourself just what a genius he was. The stories here are so good they're unavoidable for Twain devotees.

They amount of imagination crammed into these pages could provoke years of inspiration and pondering.

While they are mostly all unrelated tales, Twain does have one main subtext for pretty much all of them-the futility of religion. Like myself, Twain believes that the romantic, fantastic notion of a judging, ever-watching and vengeful God to be absurd and works in so many ironies and injustices that give them a cruel, but somewhat realistic edge. A lot of the stories are told from Twain's point of view, whether they are true are not I cannot possibly tell, but it's amusing to think of him at the centre of all these adventures. Of the 23 stories on offer some only last a few pages while epic yarns such as Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven can fill-out 51 jam-packed pages.

My favorites stories would have to A Private History of a Campaign That Failed in which Twain and his Rebel pals spend the Civil War hanging around, swimming in ponds and hiding from the Yankees, until they accidently kill an unarmed enemy and Political Economy where Twain finds it appropriate to attach a thousand lightning conductors to the top of his house only for it to attract the mother of all lightning storms. It's a perfect book for any Mark Twain fan, anyone who loves good literature or anyone studying English. Labels: Classics. Body Farms Crime Scene Investigations.

Body Farms Crime Scene Investigations Diane Yancey Lucent Books Misc Crime solving is painstaking, but modern methods and technological advances have significantly changed the field of criminal investigation.

How to sneak secrets into your containers, without leaving a trace — Project Atomic

Clues to crimes both spectacular and ordinary can now be found in the tiniest bits of evidence thanks to cutting-edge forensic techniques. All books feature crime statistics, career information, explanations of crime-solving techniques, and crimebusting facts. In addition, bibliographies for further research, full-color photographs, charts, and a detailed index are also included. Labels: Misc. Services Computing. Services Computing 0 Miscellaneous As the core technical foundation for the modern services science, Services Computing covers the science, technology and business models of effectively creating and leveraging computing technology to bridge the gap between business and IT services.

Labels: Miscellaneous. Ransom Carolrhoda Books Literature Reviews Seeing Sky-Blue Pink is a fantastic, fun book for younger middle grade readers who have graduated from chapter books like Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House but aren't ready for titles that are too long or sophisticated. It's a quieter title that celebrates simple pleasures and makes readers want to celebrate them, too. This isn't an action-packed book. There's nothing nerve-wracking or edgy about it. But it's a book that I would have read and loved with a passion when I was eight years old.

I would have kept it on a special place on my shelf and wanted to do all the things that Maddie got to do. Maddie is eight years old herself, and she's got a lot to deal with when the book opens. She's just moved to a new house in the country from her old house in town, and she has a brand new stepfather. He's not the stereotypical evil step-parent. He's loving and funny and kind, and he introduces Maddie to a delicious summer of new experiences in her new home that almost make up for the special sundaes she used to eat with her mother on their shopping days in town.

The characters in Seeing Sky-Blue Pink are likable and memorable. The language is simple and lovely. If you long for the days when kids enjoyed old-fashioned pleasures like staring at sunset skies, treasure-hunting in creeks, and building tree houses, you'll feel right at home in these pages. Labels: Literature. This invaluable skill-building guide features:a pretest, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses; hundreds of exercises in test format for essential practice, including lessons on definitions, spelling, parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, and more; a posttest to reveal progress;additional resources and tips on preparing for important tests.

Labels: English. Some stories made me laugh out loud as I recalled being in similar predicaments. Others touched an emotional chord and made me cry. I came away from them longing to be in the nurturing presence of horses, soaking up all they have to offer--and always becoming a better person for it. Horsemen and non-horsemen alike will find the pages easy to read, inspiring, and down-to-earth as we are reminded to treasure all of life's experiences and practical lessons. Humorous and touching, uplifting and poignant, the twenty-two stories inspire and delight.

Reviews As someone who really loves horses, I did not, could not finish this book. Anyone who admits to giving horses she no longer needs or wants, or who have lived out their usefulness for her, to the killers at auctions because it is too much trouble to euthanize them and bury them is NOT, in my mind, a horse lover.

Secondly, anyone who dares exchange one of her horses for another horse when she found the one she exchanged hers for tied up with a chain and injured needs her head examined. This book is all about the author, NOT really about the horses. If this is love, I don't want any part of it. She excelled and won some important trophy with the one she took from a bad situation, but she put one of her OWN horses in that same BAD situation in exchange for it.

How stupid and cruel! I gathered enough from the chapter title: "Joker: Regret" to know I did not want to read that chapter or any more of this book. In the interest of kindness to horses, maybe she should take up golf instead of horses. Reviews This book I could not put down, only took one break in reading the whole book. This author has much experience with life as well as horses, and like myself has used horses to bring joy into herself. Reviews Wow!

I am so disappointed. The stories are trite, the characters shallow. I was captive on an airplane and still could not finish the book. I only gave up 1 star for the horse portion of the book. She summarizes the moral of each chapter because the story does not contain enough depth of anything for the reader to surmize it themselves. While I believe her intent is very good, she does not follow through.

It is stark and lacks emotional connection to any character or horse. Reviews A nice read for a sunny hill or a lazy weekend. It will warm your harts and touch your soles with short loving story's. Makes a nice gift for any animal lover or horse lover. Creating Web Pages Simplified. Numerical methods in engineering with Python 3. Classification: N15 P15 M ME e.

Online Cozinheiro Nacional

Mathematics in computing. An accessible guide to historical, foundational and application contexts. ME c. Essentials of discrete mathematics. Analysis for computer scientists. Foundations, methods, and algorithms. Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science. Introduction to software process improvement. Classification: P15 P STL, object factories, exceptions. STL, Objektfabriken, Exceptions. Classification: P45 P55 P Classification: P Analog and digital signals and systems. ME b. Textbook of informatics. Preparatory course in programming, history and concept formation, automata design. Lehrbuch Informatik.

Vorkurs Programmieren, Geschichte und Begriffsbildung, Automatenentwurf. Classification: P15 P55 P Algorithms and data structures. A methodic introduction to programming. Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen. Quantum computing. From linear algebra to physical realizations.