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I tried everything the world had to offer. Every magic trick and quick cure. God, I need a word from You! Now, here is where and how her spirit was touched. I wept. What was my real need? A word from God. I had to be convicted of my sin and repent. I had abused my body for so long, only a word from God could break the addiction. Repentance is the key to change. In The God of Healing is a similar account of losing nearly fifty pound by praying and letting the Holy Spirit infuse the mind and intuition with a similar tailored plan.

Since every human anatomy is unique, only the Holy Spirit fully understands what will take weight off us the best — and permanently. Quick fixes are not worthwhile.

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The Holy Spirit will cut to the chase and give you a few things to do — to stick to — that will have a remarkable, lasting effect. But we have to go to Him and we have to listen and we have to exercise obedience and the discipline. There are no free rides in life. We can try to find a magic bullet so no work is necessary on our part: this fad diet or that fad diet , but God has designed the test of life such that we can never escape it without changing or correcting or purifying something within us in a direction that is positive.

Any addiction — to sugar, to fat, to white flour, to chocolate, or ice cream, or whatever — is an addiction, period. We want to be free, not in bondage to food. The truth sets us free. This means acknowledging a fault, a shortcoming. Be honest about your weight. What eating principles, diet or exercise plan did I follow that gave me the victory? I have no idea. All I know is there was no system of not eating certain foods, counting calories or bites, or thinking about it AT ALL.

That is a miracle!

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I have testified to the fact that the Lord gave me absolutely no idea how this happened so that I would not be touting the Melanie-plan to weight loss. And I would have been! Ask forgiveness and for the Lord to keep you out of His business! Since writing this original post, I met Barb Raveling. She has helped me see that there is another way to trust God after surrendering in the area of weight loss: renewing your mind.

God bless you as you trust Him. You'll receive occasional updates with sanity-saving ideas for your homeschool, family, and faith. Subscriber-only printables and discounts will be sent your way, too. You can choose which content you'd like to receive as well as the frequency. Melanie, I loved this post and have shared it with friends.

Tonight I posted a link to it from my blog. I am going through the same thing. I have been struggling with my weight and I am depressed. I sat at my dinner table and I cried and I apologized to God for that I allowed myself to become so over weight. I will truly surrender it all to him! Thank You!!! And Congratulations!! Aww, I feel for you. I do recommend some other books to you. I have tried to lose weight since menopause and have failed. I have never had a weight problem till menopause and thats what makes this so hard. Going from a size 4 to a 12 in a few years has made me disgusted with myself.

I know God is my only answer, not diets and yet another gimmick or some smoothie.

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I try to give it to him and then I find myself looking at diet posts hoping for that magic solution. Thank you for the post and your honesty. I have found that just makes things worse. Menopause is challenging! Praying for you. Thanks for commenting. Every day i keep thinking of how i can loose weight and yet i keep eating and eating. I really want to loose weight. I pray GOD help me.

5 Prayers for Weight Loss

But I believe you can get to the place where God is in control and your mind has been renewed. I just want to tell you I am so happy for you. And so proud of you for putting this in Gods hands. We all need to do this with everything we go at. Thank you for the smile you gave me when I read this.

Thanks, Holly. Why is that so hard? You are a breath of fresh air for my dark place of trying to lose weight for years. Prayer to Stop Overeating Lord, thank you for the amazing food you provide. I love your food so much that sometimes I overeat until my stomach hurts.

Why Won’t God Let Me Lose Weight?

I confess that I cannot do this on my own and I need your help. Please give me the strength to eat only as much as I need. Prayer for Trying on Clothes Lord, thank you for these beautiful clothes. I feel blessed today to find the outfit I was looking for in my size. Please support me today as I try on these clothes. Give me confidence when I look in the mirror to see the beautiful person you created.

2. Make a Plan

If these clothes do not fit, I will know that it was a sign from you that it was not meant to be. Conclusion Losing weight can sometimes be be a difficult and lonely journey.

Christian Weight Loss Motivation - Win the War on Weight in 4 Easy Steps

The good news is that you are not alone. So when times get tough use these weight loss prayers to reconnect with God. About the Author:.