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Alessandra Biaggi. Comerciantes de NY esperan las nuevas licencias de conducir para indocumentados. Nieto encuentra a su abuela ahorcada en el Bronx. Refuerzan seguridad en NY para celebrar la indepedencia. Se espera que millones de espectadores se den cita para presenciar los fuegos artificiales de Macy's. Joven logra escapar tras intento de secuestro en Long Island. Four people were shot on Elton Street in East New York, and police say they have a person of interest in custody.

A man has been charged in an attack at a bodega in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens on Tuesday. Police have identified the man in custody, accused of throwing urine on MTA workers. An argument took a violent turn in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens leaving one man in critical condition. Police: Man beaten outside deli in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. A violent dispute in Prospect Lefferts Gardens Tuesday left one man hospitalized in critical condition.

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Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden greets local residents while walking in the Independence Fourth of July parade, Thursday, July 4, , in Independence, Iowa. Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden says it would be 'great' to have a female vice president, but he won't say whether he'd pick Sen. Kamala Harris for the No. David Dunham was also responsible for establishing the first school in Williamsburgh, donating a plot of land on the block bounded by North 1st, Berry, Grand and Bedford "where the old log cabin stood".

There, the Bushwick District School was constructed in a one-story frame building. Gowanus Lounge had a post a week or two back about Holy Trinity Cemetery , a small German Catholic cemetery in Bushwick next door to the larger Cemetery of the Evergreens. Now known as Most Holy Trinity and St. It was also the mother church for a host of other German parishes over time.

Raffeiner is also credited with establishing a German parish in Boston during this period.

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There, largely with his own funds, the priest purchased property on Montrose Avenue from Abraham Meserole. The first church of Most Holy Trinity was a frame structure, completed in A rectory was constructed in In , the parish constructed a new church building on the corner of Montrose and Graham it was for that church that the parish's cemetery was moved. Between and , Holy Trinity's parish boundaries were divided numerous times - yielding Annunciation , St. Nicholas , All Saints and St.

Gravesend, Brooklyn (Then & Now Series)

Leonard's parishes. Still, the original Holy Trinity parish continued to grow, and in , construction began on a new church on the site of the original frame church. The cornerstone for the new church was laid in , and the building was completed in The new church was constructed of Belleville N. The architect for the new church was William Schickel. Schickel was active in the late 19th century; he designed a number of churches and German-related structures in New York and Brooklyn.

In her novel, the church is described as "the most beautiful in Brooklyn The parish's property encompasses much of the block bounded by Graham, Johnson, Manhattan and Montrose. It includes the former Catholic Orphan Asylum on Graham Avenue erected between and , two school buildings, a rectory and a faculty residence. The rectory which appears to have been constructed in Joseph Berendach, architect , is located immediately east of the church. The elementary school is located to the east of the rectory; constructed in , it was, prior to its closing in , the oldest parish school in Brooklyn.

The high school, which closed in , was located on Johnson Avenue. In the s, the church's two schools enrolled 1, students. The faculty residence, at the corner of Montrose and Manhattan, was designed by Beatty and Berlenbach in In addition to the buildings on its block, Holy Trinity was responsible for the construction of the original St.

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Catherine's Hospital, on Bushwick and Devoe. Mary Church is just one of many significant remnants of Williamsburg's German past. The building itself, together with its associated structures, is a landmark in every sense of the word. With the recent merger of Most Holy Trinity and St.

Mary, MHT's might seem secure. But its roll of parishioners now almost exclusively Hispanic continues to dwindle, and most of its associated structures sit vacant. With any luck, the rectory, elementary school, asylum and faculty residence will find new and compatible uses. Mary's was founded in as an Irish church, and was located at Leonard and Maujer Streets.

Sources: Most Holy Trinity - St. New York's Justin Davidson has written a long and thoughtful piece on the architectural transformation of New York City these past few years its a week or two old by now, but we're just getting around to it. The article includes before and after pictures of 54 of the 76,! In the end, Davidson concludes that while "[it] would be wonderful if we could stem the Avalonization of New York simply by demanding better buildings Good Design Now! Based on his analysis, we can buy that, though his thesis certainly applies better to Manhattan than Brooklyn.

Why does Brooklyn and LIC get all the missed opportunities? All in all its a very good article - the more so because we tend to agree with most of his calls. On Dutch Mustard, Davidson has this to say:. Rather than renovate, Steiner NYC tore down the rather fancy Old Dutch Mustard plant and worked up a new six-story residential complex, currently under construction. There is no evidence that it will be marvelous enough to take the bite out of the loss.

Re-Brooklyn is a new website with some nice Brooklyn then-and-now photos. When we saw this photo , we thought we had already been there back in March of , but as it turns out, there's more than one vintage photo of the corner of Graham and Metropolitan. For the record, re-Brooklyn's photo is by Percy Loomis Sperr taken in ; our photo is by Berenice Abbot taken in Between the two photos, the advertising on the side of the building changed. We've been collecting then and now photos of our own, and are planning on restarting the tradition, so stay tuned.

State Parks had been saying they were going to do it, but there was some hope that a deal might be reached to keep it open. We hear that both Friends of BEDT Park and Assemblyman Lentol are still working to reach a deal that would allow public access to the only significant waterfront open space in all of north Brooklyn. Coincidentally, we came across this picture while trolling the Brooklyn Public Library's website this evening.

The site is now home to a city DOT facility. Even more coincidentally, this is the exact same location that OSA and others have proposed DOT turn over to Parks in order to create additional waterfront open space. If it ever came to pass, it would provide a nice terminus to the proposed Domino espanade. Today marks the anniversary of the launching of the USS Monitor , the first iron-clad warship of the U.

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Navy, from Greenpoint's Continental Iron Works. The new Brooklyn Eagle has a nice little write up of the Monitor. Wikipedia also has a long article on the ship , including the above image which we like because its one of the view pictures of the Monitor that gives one a sense of the scale of the vessel - it was not small.

The buildings of the ironworks are long gone. There is a museum dedicated to the history of the vessel - it is currently without a home, although hopefully someday soon it will open as part of Bushwick Inlet Park where exactly is a matter of some controversy. NAG Neighbors Allied for Good Growth has been doing a series of town hall meetings over the past few months, trying to get people engaged on different aspect of life and activism in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

One of the projects to come out this is the North Brooklyn Story Project, which seeks to compile an oral history of the neighborhood and its denizens. They're having a meeting for volunteers this week Wednesday the 11th , in anticipation of a training session at Brooklyn Historical Society later this month. The North Brooklyn Story Project is looking for people with stories to share about our community, and people who can listen to and record these stories.

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Do you have a story to tell about life in Williamsburg or Greenpoint? A memory, a snapshot of life here today, an interesting interaction with community members? Do you know a neighbor or shopkeeper or friend with a story to tell? If so, you're invited to become part of the North Brooklyn Story Project. The first step?

Williamsburg: Then & Now

To find people interested in telling their stories and people interested in interviewing them. Together, interviewers and storytellers will create an archive of North Brooklyn stories that all of us can use to feel connected to our diverse neighbors and neighborhoods — past, present, and future. No special skills or equipment required — just ears and a voice.

For more information, please contact Gregor g [dot] nemitzziadie [at] gmail [dot] com or Rachel rachtree [at] gmail [dot] com. This group is putting together an oral history project, and will be offering a free training session for volunteers this Saturday morning at the Brooklyn Historical Society. This is the part of Bushwick Avenue that was the center of the original Bushwick settlement, but which later became part of the City of Williamsburg.

Via Bushwick BK , which has all the details. The above photo is a view north on Havemeyer Street between South 3rd and South 2nd Street, circa the s. The Havemeyer Sanitary Market was a public market constructed by the City of New York in or , and was intended to replace pushcarts on the streets of the neighborhood pushcarts, or the elimination thereof, were a particular obsession of Mayor Laguardia.

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  • To the right is a picture of the site today, complete with a building that brooklyn Mind you the old market was no architectural gem, but at least it served a public purpose.