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In a statement in the release, Smith said:. The measurements we collected would not have been possible without the truly innovative instruments designed by Alberto Behar, and his steady hand during some very trying conditions in the field. The scientific outcomes of this study can be traced directly to him.

Behar was a rare breed. Watch this video to get a feel for this demanding work:. Update , p. I met Alberto several years ago, when I asked him to make a device to measure the Greenland lakes depth and transmit the data through a satellite link to get measurements on our computer in New York City. Alberto delivered the sensor and Koni Steffen deployed it at Swiss Camp. That was the time when Alberto was still experimenting with guesses and trials for what would have become a trademark of his work.

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The sensor worked for a few days and then it died, mostly because Koni misplaced the connection between positive and negative to the battery. Alberto had inverted the colors that people usually use. This is true fro many things he did. Everything was clear in his mind, the path to follow, the pieces to put together, how to integrate them and it was only a matter of time, of assembling a vision that would have worked. I was inspired by Alberto when I built my little boat that cruised the lakes in Greenland later on. As an engineer myself, I was fascinated by the skills Alberto had. As a scientist, I was always challenging him to do more, and better.

We stayed in touch as colleagues sharing the same passions. The Nabateans were expert hydraulic engineers. Its surface and shores are meters 1, ft. The Dead Sea is threatened by excessive withdrawals of water from the Jordan River in the north and dams and industrial development in the south. As a result the Dead Sea has already lost a third of its surface area. At this rate, experts predict its total extinction in 25 years. In the early s a dam was built along the Nile River in Aswan by Egypt to help control flooding and to provide hydroelectric power to the region.

However, in times of extreme flooding, it proved inadequate and the land and towns thought protected by the dam would be covered with floodwaters. In the s, it was decided that a second dam would be built at Aswan to solve the problem. This dam created a mile-long lake.

The area used to create the lake was located on the site of an ancient civilization known as Nubia. Prior to completion of the dam, the United Nations began a rescue operation to excavate the area so that endangered Nubian monuments could be uncovered and moved to other locations. All together, twenty-four monuments were dismantled and relocated and many others were identified and documented before the area was flooded to make the lake.

Over , Nubians and Sudanese were forced to relocate off the land their ancestors had called home for over 5, years. Over 45 Nubian villages were washed away along the banks of the Nile south of Aswan. DVD Cam. PAL St. This museum of north eastern France is the ancient cloister of Issenheim were the painting was originally conceived. In DVCam. PAL Stand Def. Coming down from the high snowy high peaks located north of Turkey, the flow of the Euphrates and the Tigris is strong and the dams are stocking large quantities of water thanks to vast artificial lakes.

These large reservoirs flood entire regions, dismantle many villages and displace thousand of people. It also gives an update on how the geopolitics of the region has been transformed by the building of these large dams. S Kentucky DVCam. PAL Stand. He ended up staying in Paris where he became one the first artist involved in the Abstract Lyricism movement, in vogue at the time in the Parisian artistic circles. St Def. Golden Rabbit Films. If the fate of Tibet and Buddhism is largely known all around the world, the conditions and situation of its exile is much less witnessed by a general audience.

As our bus crawled into the misty highlands of Dharamsala, we felt like we had left India behind. The humid heat and raucous chaos were all gone, only to be replaced by cool mountain air and calm serenity.

Shumona Sinha: The literary journey from India to France

Shot entirely in Nepal. St, Def. The film was never completed in post production due to lack of funding. Ganga, Ganga, Will you Remember my Name? However, the entire expedition is put in question when they arrive in Greenland and discover their objective is beyond the range of all available aircraft. Canvas is an athlete driven ski film that showcases all aspects of skiing. These skier's travelled from far and wide to find desirable conditions that best suit their disciplines. As they venture into the unknown in search of deep pow, big air, and self satisfaction they find themselves leaving a mark on the snowy slopes creating a masterpiece in which they call their Canvas.

Les derniers rois de Thulé : avec les Inuits du pôle (1969) - Documentaire - Jean Malaurie -

In the middle of nowhere Nevada lies one of the most beautiful couloirs in the world. The couloir named "Terminal Cancer" has drawn people from all over the world to ski within its high walled confines and down its straight as a rule fall line. When Cody Townsend heard rumors of more Terminal Cancers lying deep in the hidden and remote confines of the Ruby Mountains, he joined Elyse Saugstad and Josh Daiek for a rendezvous with TC and then he and Josh set off on a 5 day mission snowmobiling, skinning, hiking and climbing on the hunt for more steep, narrow and aesthetic couloirs.

The only thing greater than this group of skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second highest peak is the size of their carbon footprint to get there. For the second year in a row, we asked our fans: What is your FreeskiDreamTrip? Canadian Tim Loch was lucky enough to be chosen from applicants.

His Dream Trip? Full Story - Dream Trip 2. In the new Skyway Monte Bianco opened, replacing the rustic funivia cable car that for decades transported skiers and alpinists up to Punta Helbronner on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Oscar Taiola, a mountain guide and icon of the former cable car and now safety manager for the new Skyway shares his passion for the high mountains while recounting the history of there former lift through to its current state of the art incarnation.

During filming of Salomon Freeski TV Season 7, we asked Salomon Freeski team members if they could drop everything and chase a storm to Japan on only 24 hours notice. This season that same question led us to Chamonix, France and some of the most ideal conditions the crew has ever seen. Featuring the artwork of Leo Ahrens. It was a ridiculous idea from the start.

Once an abandoned mine dump, seven miles up a lost canyon located in the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains, sits the sleepy little village of Taos Ski Valley and home to some of the most abundant and aggressive inbounds ski terrain in North America. Salomon Freeski TV is back for its 9th season. This year we reached further and dug deeper to bring you the films that you've come to expect, as well as an all-new immersive multimedia experience that will bring you closer than ever to the action. Don't believe us? The trailer for Season 9 should change your mind.

Winter was one of the best they've ever had in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy. The Good Times crew rolled in and took full advantage. Legendary photographer, Wade McCoy, has spent most of his life documenting the rise of freeskiing in one of America's most iconic ski areas, Jackson Hole. It's something nobody ever talks about, the forest industry has created access to the skiing areas. It's something nobody ever talks about, but the forest industry has created access to most of the great skiing areas in the world. Without it, this sport would look very different.

In the 's a proposed highway and tunnel threatened to open the valley up to development, but the local farmers and residents protested. When the Salomon crew arrives at the lodge high in the Italian Dolomites, they discover the mountain.

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  4. When the Salomon crew arrives at the lodge high in the Italian Dolomites, they discover the mountain they are skiing on was the front line in World War 1. As an avalanche controller, Kevin gets to work and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains. As an avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin gets to work and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains on earth.

    We follow him on his job as he brings down some of the most impressive avalanches ever caught on film. Every new ski season starts with the optimism that this will be the best season ever. When the snow doesn't show up, skiers will go to ridiculous lengths to make it happen. Last Summer, Rusutsu ski area in Japan built a Travis Rice-inspired supernatural terrain park in the forest. The Salomon crew were given first crack at it in all-time powder conditions.

    Longest running heliski operation in the world, claims to have the best tree skiing in the world. CMH, the longest running heliski operation in the world, claims to have the best tree skiing in the world. Mike, Cody and Alexi spend a week there trying to determine if the claim is true. As the youngest land mass on earth, Iceland is an ever-evolving paradise for skiers. Littered with volcanoes, the ski lines here plunge straight to the ocean's edge.

    After more than episodes, Salomon Freeski TV is back for its eighth season! Starting October 7th, , twelve new films will be released bi-weekly. Scot Schmidt is a legend in Freeskiing. Mike Douglas pays him a visit to see what he's been up to. He is the original pro freeskier and became a household name in skiing after the release of the ski film, 'Blizzard of Ahhhs'. What if your buddy called and said, 'It was storming over in Japan, can you drop everything and leave tomorrow?

    Between and Wendy Fisher was the most dominant female Big Mountain Freeskier in the world - then she had kids. Nearly a decade later, we revisit Wendy to see if she's still got 'it'. A look at the changing face of ski areas through the eyes of one of the world's leading ski resort designers. In the mid 's, BC's towns boomed as prospectors flocked north during the great gold rush.

    No wonder Magnus is tired.. he's just trekked miles across Greenland - The Scotsman

    In the mid 's, BC's mountain towns boomed as prospectors flocked north during the great gold rush. In the th episode of Salomon Freeski TV, the crew takes a look back at their favourite and most memorable moments. Last time we visited Mica Heliskiing, it turned out to be one of the best powder skiing trips ever. The last time we visited Mica Heliskiing, it turned out to be one of the best powder skiing trips we've ever experienced.

    Too Soon Gone: Alberto Behar, Who Used Robots and Rubber Ducks to Probe Icy Secrets

    After nearly episodes, Salomon Freeski TV is back for it's seventh season! Starting October 8th, , twelve new films will be released bi-weekly. Antoine Boisselier has stared across at the Belledonne Mountains his whole life. He's always dreamed of laying ski tracks on their difficult-to-access slopes. Two years ago, he and a group of close friends launched their paragliders from across the valley and took a chance. A new GoPro edit is uploaded to the internet every 3. Every summer, forest fires burn wildly across the temperate mountain regions of the world.

    As destructive as they are, they have a purpose and beauty that often goes unappreciated. As winter arrives in the burned forest, so do the skiers. They have come to celebrate new lines opened up by the previous summer's fires that have now burned themselves out -- or have they? Nestled in the southern Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is not your typical ski destination.

    Kim Havell and Elyse Saugstad spend a week there trying to decide which is more alluring and dangerous: the romantically-charged Sicilian males or the lave-spewing volcanic crater of Mt Etna? Austria is known as the cradle of modern skiing. Chris Rubens and Mike Henitiuk explore this country's obsession with sliding on snow from the Hahnenkamm to the Arlberg. Over the past 3 years he's logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him, and become the most talked about skier in the epicenter of all things extreme -- Chamonix, France.

    Marking America's only unguarded border, the Portland Canal is the 4th longest fjord in the world. Alexi Godbout, Vincent Gagnier, and Leo Ahrens travel halfway around the world to feed their hunger for flight on skis. When they arrive, they find the same passion in the eyes of the kids living at the foot of the Chilean Andes.

    Built as a mountain retreat for the leaders of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, this lavish estate has played significant role in shaping the history of our modern world. Kaj Zackrisson, Mark Abma, and Mike Douglas discover it also serves as a fine stepping-off point to some of the best, undiscovered heliskiing on the planet. We skiers are a strange breed. When most of society is running for cover, we find ourselves rejoicing at the sight of a cold low pressure system circling on the Satellite loop.

    We yearn for the feeling of cold powder snow blowing in our faces. Inside a swirling maelstrom of snowflakes, we feel most free. Under twinkle of stars and light of moon spirits roam the world at night emerging cold and frozen from shadows left and right more richly colored than the day they'll play 'til dawn's first light set your clocks, the fun begins at quarter past midnight.

    He travels the country in his home-on-wheels in search of passionate skiers and hope after the nation was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Over the past decade, Mark Abma has become one of the most celebrated freeskiers in the sport. This week he takes us on a trip inside his mind. Back in , a flip on skis gone tragically wrong broke Josh Dueck's back and left him as a T11 -- full paraplegic. For the past 8 years one of his dreams has been to do a flip on snow again.

    On February 3, , Josh became the first person to perform a backflip on snow in a Sit Ski! It's always seemed a bit odd to us that so many good skiers can come from a country that is very flat and spends much of the winter consumed by darkness. AJ Kemppainen gives us a glimpse into his world as he trains for the competition season. The 'Good Times' crew rides again. In a challenging season in the Alps, the boys do a pretty good job of finding a lot of good powder.

    Style - a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed. This week the Salomon team defines itself in, The Style Episode. Alta, Utah has almost a cult-like following of devoted powder skiers. Leo Ahrens, Jamey Parks, and the many generations of Alta shredders show us the soul of skiing is alive and well in one of the best powder skiing spots on earth.

    Our Northwest adventure continues with the arrival of Mark Abma, and one of the deepest days on record at Stevens Pass, Washington. Holding the world record for snowfall, the bountiful Pacific Northwest of North America is the ideal location for a two-week, no fixed itinerary, powder adventure.

    On March 8, aspiring freeskier and coach, Josh Dueck, awoke from a ski crash to realize life would never be the same. Paralyzed from the waist down, josh made a decision to make the best of a horrible situation. The result is one of the most inspiring stories we've ever seen. You've probably seen hundreds of POV edits, but we bet you've never seen one quite like this. It seems everyone these days has a GoPro camera. You've probably seen hundreds of POV edits over the past few years, but we bet you've never seen one quite like this.

    It's unlikely there is any place on earth with as rich of ski history as Norway. Skiing is woven through every part of Norwegian culture and there is nowhere more beautiful to illustrate this than along the snowy Fjords of the Sogndal region. Many of the Salomon Jib Academy final participants say the week at Mammoth, California is the best of their lives. In order to try and comprehend the awesomeness, we filmed just 6 seconds of the entire week at frames per second. It also makes this episode of Salomon Freeski TV the deepest one yet.

    We hope you like your powder deep! The first episode drops October 11th. Make sure to mark it down. Powder is guaranteed. A cave man finds skiing thanks to his new-found friend, a wooly mammoth. When the weather warms and the contest season ends, the pros focus on building the best jumps and jibs possible. In this episode the Salomon Team takes things to the next level at Mt. This week we follow a band of ski bums in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

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    It's unlikely you'll ever meet a more inspiring group of skiers. Chuck Patterson is a former pro Freeskier and one of the most fearless humans we've ever met. Chuck Patterson is a former pro Freeskier, a professional Waterman, and one of the most fearless humans we've ever met. After a brief experiment with skiing on waves several years ago, Chuck's passion for the idea was re-lit after watching Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend ski the waves of Maui in