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Emma Hill & Her Gentlemen Callers (7-9pm)

Unfortunately, the accents in this play could make Williams turn in his grave, with Quinto in particular butchering his Southern accent so badly that it is utterly distracting. The play also suffers from its slack pacing.

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Because the play lacks in action, it already has a tendency to move slowly, but this production really seems to drag it out, making those two hours and 30 minutes seem that much longer. For more information or tickets, visit theglassmenageriebroadway.

The Glass Menagerie. Ebony, Jet fire remainder of staff, may close its doors for good.

to amanda what do the 17 gentlemen callers represent?

Brooklyn High School of the Arts Graduation Glorious 53rd anniversary for Mr. And Mrs.

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Kmiec occupied by the year-old William Inge, the first act is based on an interview that the then-theater critic conducted with then-unknown Williams. In between, these gentlemen callers discover a commonality of need and nature that will shape their shows.

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But Williams senses that, though dreaming of a perfect lover who will never come, Inge must temporarily overcome his suicidal self-pity to remake life to his visions. Like Oscar Wilde before them, both absolutely insist that art improve on life.

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  • Freeing themselves as they do, they admit the lies they tell to survive. Triggered by glimpsing coupling lesbians across the street, they carnally connect, here emblematic of an even closer contact.

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    A second star is born. Above all, these originals write obsessively in the teeth of a world where, as Inge describes in a final horrific confession, killer kids can sacrifice innocent cats to carnivorous monkeys at the St. Louis Zoo.