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Freshen up with a Ginger Mojito or a pint of Golden Ale. The vast urban garden provides space for groups.

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Shelves replace folding seats while stalls make for a quiet corner to tuck into a novel. Serving the San Telmo community since , this is a glorious mishmash of butchers, peddlers, chandelier specialists and vintage stores. Coffee Town is one of the best purveyors of coffee in Buenos Aires. The antique toys, custom-made furniture, curios and coloured glass soda syphons are enough to make you look into shipping prices.

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  • French literary rebel Houellebecq releases 'Serotonin,' a novel that echoes 'Yellow Vest' protests.
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Dorrego , Colegiales. A major Latin-style facelift saw the former Correo Central Post Office spring back to life 18 months ago, reopening as an impressive cultural space in Buenos Aires. Retaining the original bureaux and decor from its working days in the lobby.

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All CCK events — spanning temporary exhibits to piano recitals and tango classes — are free. You can buy a variety of snacks, sandwiches, other light meals and beverages during your flight. On our international long haul flights we also serve a three-course meal.

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Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato dies at 99

Provocative French author Michel Houellebecq gives voice to the simmering anger behind the rural "Yellow Vest" revolt in his eagerly awaited, prophetic new novel which was published Friday to rave reviews. Houellebecq , a fierce eurosceptic, became a pin-up of the far right after his last book, "Submission", which envisioned a France subject to sharia law after electing a Muslim president in The deeply depressed hero of his latest book "Serotonin" is an agricultural engineer who returns to his roots in a provincial France devastated by globalisation and European agricultural policies.

He finds a resentful rural populace who are "virtually dead" yet ripe for rebellion and who rise up to block motorways, much as the " Yellow Vest " movement has done for real since late November. Houellebecq's seventh novel, written long before protesters in high-visibility vests began barricading roads to protest against President Emmanuel Macron, has been hailed by critics as one of his best.

Flammarion publishing house has issued a first print run of , copies for the French language edition -- 64 times that of the average novel. The book, which will be published in German, Spanish and Italian next week, comes out in English in September. The year-old author shot to worldwide fame with nihilistic novels depicting misogynistic men trapped in loveless existences and hooked on casual sex. The theme of Western decline runs throughout his work and his latest book is no exception. Read on.

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