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How fair is justice if you don’t have access to it?

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Taught by Michael J. Browse More EdX Articles. Browse More Law courses. Very recommended if you care about this topic who shouldn't care about that? I'm posting part of the conclusion here, get an idea if you want: "We consider the arguments that are provoked by particular cases.

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We try to develop the reasons that lead us to go one way rather than another. And then we listen to the reasons of other people. And sometimes we're persuaded to revise our view. Other times we're challenged, at least, to shore up and strengthen our view. But this is how moral argum…. But this is how moral argument proceeds, with justice, and so it seems to me, also with questions of the good life. Now, there remains a further worry, and it's a liberal worry.

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  6. What about-- if we're going to think of our disagreements about morality and religion, as bound up with our disagreements about justice, how are we ever going to find our way to a society that accords respect to fellow citizens with whom we disagree? It depends, I think, on which conception of respect one accepts.

    On the liberal conception, to respect our fellow citizen's moral and religious convictions is, so to speak, to ignore them for political purposes-- To rise above, or abstract from, or to set aside those moral and religious convictions, to leave them disturbed, to carry out our political debate without reference to them.

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    But that isn't the only way, or perhaps even the most plausible way, of understanding the mutual respect on which democratic life depends. There is a different conception of respect, according to which we respect our fellow citizen's moral and religious convictions not by ignoring, but by engaging them, by attending to them, sometimes by challenging and contesting them, sometimes by listening and learning from them. Now, there's no guarantee that a politics of moral and religious tension and engagement will lead, in any given case, to agreement.

    There's no guarantee it will lead even to appreciation for the moral and religious convictions of others. It's always possible, after all, that learning more about a religious or a moral doctrine will lead us to like it less. But the respect of deliberation and engagement, seems to me a more adequate, more suitable ideal for a pluralist society.

    And to the extent that our moral and religious disagreements reflect some ultimate plurality of human goods, the politics of moral engagement will better enable us, so it seems to me, to appreciate the distinctive goods our different lives express. When we first came together, some 13 weeks ago, I spoke of the exhilaration of political philosophy, and also of its dangers. But how philosophy works, and has always worked, by estranging us from the familiar, by unsettling our settled assumptions.

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