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Canadian Literature [U. British Columbia] : University of Toronto Quaterly Le Devoir [Montreal] Sept. Le Bulletin du Cercle Gabriel-Marcel 6. Anthologie-promenade, by Maurice Coyaud, ed. Vladimir Nabokov: toute une vie ou presque. Biographie, by Andrew Field; Malaparte. Le Bulletin du Cercle Gabriel-Marcel 5. Spirale [Montreal] 2 Oct. Print F. In each issue I focused on the new literary trends in France by presenting the work of different contemporary French writers for a total of 42 chronicles.

All are in print and were reviewed by the editorial board. About Sarraute. About Georges Bataille About Jacques Laurent About Incidents About Les Chevaux pendus aux arbres by Armand Lerco About Entretiens avec le Monde: 1. Philosophies 2. For that periodical I published a weekly book review on world literature for a total of All in print.

Dessins, by J. Yourcenar by Matthieu Galey. Hamon et F. Heller, and Canaris, by H. Garcia Marquez. QC Kafka; Le Vicomte Pourfendu, by I. Selected in Canada for the Georges Lahoun Poetry Award among the 50 best of submissions and published online. Web 30 Aug. Woodbridge, Can. Krach [Montreal, QC] 6 : 3. Five poems "Creux. Due May S Lemieux et alt. XYZ Montreal, Spring : XYZ summer : Solicited Short story.

Harfang Angers, Fr. See Awards XYZ 49 : ; 50 : ; 51 : Nouvelle Donne [Fr. Espace [Montreal] 5. Le Devoir [Montreal] Apr. Quel amour? Issue of Jungles Fr. Issue of Estuaire [Quebec] 45 : Au Masculin [Montreal] 1. Nomination for the best fiction published in a large Canadian magazine, see Awards Chulalongkorn U. June Rencontres d'auteurs, lectures et ateliers".

Avis de liquidation. A play script. De mains en mains. Staged excerpts, Jan. Michelle Laurence, De Gustave A. Paris: EAT, , 70p. July 11, La Liquidation. This jury of specialists in contemporary drama selects new plays for yearly public stage reading.

V. S. Naipaul

May 22, Excerpts staged by students of Drama class. Stage dir. Villa Mont-Noir, Fr. May 18, Event archived by French photograph Louis Monier. A book-signing session followed.

Oeuvres principales:

July 1st, Stage production in France by Compagnie La Patience. Charles Tordjman. Finalist out of plays from 74 countries at the International Onassis Prizes for drama. Athens, Greece, Play selected for stage reading. Marie-Ginette Guay. Stage production by La Patience, Fr. May , ; Avignon Drama Festival, Fr.

Selection and Presentation. Stage adaptation by author from original radio-drama and stage reading. Claire Terral. Repeated, perf. Brulotte and J. Nisolle, U. July 23, Chacun de vous a un client. Actor, as a French Canadian banker in 3 one-hour educative video series. Donna Wheeler. Kaset Inc. Le Silencieux. Stage adaptation. Ginette Delmas. Denise Lampron-Joyal. May 16, The Sentry, followed by The Secret Voice. Anne-Marie de Moret. Judith Cowan. Jim Wicker and Anna Brennen. March 14, Hortense couche-toi, by Courteline. Girvetz Hall, U. July 17, Ginette Delmas-Ribes.

Pierre-Yves Lemieux, and Michel Charrois. TV reading from Ce qui nous tient by Danielle Panneton. La Fulgurante Ascension de Bou. TV script in coop. Fouillade, 30 min. Script for TV Ontario, 30 min. Movie script in coop. Michel Poulette. Productions Nuit Blanche, Montreal, Jean Sarrazin. Roger Fournier. CBC, Montreal, TV premiere: Dec. May 23, En toutes lettres. Radio-Canada FM. Premiere: March 3, Premiere: Jan. First Prize, category 60 min.

Ollivier Mercier-Gouin. Premiere: Oct. Premiere: Aug. Premiere: Nov. Premieres weekly: Sept. Multiple rebroadcasts afterwards. Radio-Canada FM, Montreal. Seuils Thresholds. Series creator, director, producer and anchor of 15 half-hour radio programs. Hosted in coop. Featured profile. Dec 26, On my writing profile and Fulbright experience in Israel. Featured TV interview by Jean Barbe.

Tout le monde tout lu. One hour. May 27, On my works. Print and web. Featured radio interview by France Boisvert. Le Pays des livres. Radio VM Montreal. Multiple broadcasts. July 29, Interview by Silvia Dumitrache. Observator cultural [Bucharest, Romania] , Aug. Sceaux, Fr. CyberContact [U. June 6, Web , subscribers. Dialogues francophones [U. ISSN Print. Lingua Romana Brigham Young University.

With selected documents provided to interviewer. Full page, ill. Interview by Laurence Grenier for literary blog. Focus Extra: La forza dell'Eros. Italian transl. Interview by Anne-Marie Duquette. As guest writer on public writing event. Interview by Gilles Archambault. Pourquoi pas dimanche? Interview by Sarrah Osama. Rencontre du 3e titre. June 21, Interview by Laurent Gauriat. Radio France Bleue, Aubenas Fr.

  1. Infatuation;
  2. Lieber Johannes: Roman (German Edition).
  3. He Touched Me.
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  6. Nuovo Medioevo (Italian Edition)!

Interview by Montel Williams. Montel Accross America.

Frankétienne | Île en île

Air America Media, Apr. On romance. Featured interview by Chip Rowe senior ed. Playboy Magazine online. On Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. July 10, Featured interview by Sara Fredaigue. Le Petit Journal, Rome, It. June 3, On Italian transl.

The Arrival of Enigmas

Interview by Tiffany Granath. Afternoon Advice. March 20, Live, 20 min. Featured interview by Thomas King. Interview by Ginny Lamontagne. Des notes et des mots. One hour, live. Interview by Romanian Writers' Association, Cluj, for its radio program. June 23, On erotic literature. Interview by Gilbert Reed. Ideas: Pleasures of the Flesh. A 2-hour documentary. CBC, Toronto. Feb 8, Interview by Ryan Warner.

Gulf Coast Live. Public Radio. On France-USA relationships. Interview by Francine Bordeleau. Cover Story. Interview by Hugo Joncas. Cyberpresse, Montreal, QC. Photo with Prime Minister. Web March 12, Danas, Belgrade Serb. Interview by Slavka Sunajko, in English. Radio-Belgrade Serb.

Dvernik, Novi Sad Serb. Interview by Snezana Martinov. Live, 12 min. Simultaneous Serbian transl. Interview by Susan Conolly. Radio-Canada, Winnipeg Can. Live, 7 min. On the Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. Radio-Canada, Ottawa Can. Interview by Danita Arbuckle Feinberg. Interview by Anne-Marie Dussault. Beau Temps, mauvais temps. On my play Le Client. Interview by Laurent Lejard. Magazine Faire face and web site www. Avignon, Fr. July 26, Interview by Manuel Houssais. July 20, Interview by Louis-Bernard Robitaille. La Presse, Montreal, and Avignon, Fr.

July 19, Interview by Christian Jade. July 9, Radio-Canada, live from Avignon, Fr. Featured interview by Negovan Rajic. June 18, Interview by Habiv Salha. Radio Tunis International, Sousse Tunisia. June 1st, Interview by Naouelle Said. On Epreuves. On Les Cahiers de Limentinus.

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  • Broadcast on Jan. On Oeuvres de chair. Montreal: Tisseyre, Interview by Christian Devaux. June 17, Radio-Canada, Paris studio, Dec. About Les Cahiers de Limentinus. TV5 International, Montreal, Nov. Interview by Shelly Pomerance, in English. All in a Week-End. CBC, Montreal. Interview by Pierre Thibault. Zone libre.

    CIBL, Montreal. Interview by Mark Munroe Dion. Interview by Carlos Cunha. On short story. Interview by Denise Bombardier. Comme un grand livre ouvert. Radio-Canada, Montreal, Round table. Interview by Alain Crevier. CBV Matin. Live audience. CBC, Vancouver Can. Interview by Abdelwahab Hechiche. Interview by Claudette Lambert. Broadcast: June Interview by Risto Vitanov.

    TV Beograd, Belgrade Yugoslavia. Broadcast on Oct. Interview by Guy Ferland. Interview by Mike Casavantes. About Quebec. Interview by Angie Wood. Interview by Diane Dontigny. About Ce qui nous tient. Interview by Janet Wiljof. About a tour of lectures in New Mexico and Morocco.

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    Interview by Luc Chartrand. Nuit Blanche [Quebec] 33 : 4. Interview by Christine Champagne. Videotron Television, Montreal Can. June 22, Broadcast on Aug. About Ce qui nous tient, with reading by actor of an excerpt from "Candy Store. Interview by Serge Drouin. Interview by Daniel Tremblay. Featured interview by Anne-Marie Voisard. Front page. Interview by Marie-Claire Girard.

    Interview by Julie Stanton. Les Belles Heures. Radio-Canada, Montreal. Interview by Jean-Yves Bouchard. May 3, Radio Canada FM, Montreal. About Quebec Literature. Interview by Marie-Paule Delos. Rebroadcast on May 26, About creative writing. Interview by Liliane Rocray. Featured interview by Raymonde Leclerc. Interview by Francine Marchand. Le Caroussel du samedi. Radio-Canada AM. About the French Canadian presence in Florida.

    Interview by Anne-Marie Voisard. About my literary activities. Survey of a year of literary activities. Interview by Suzanne Vertey. Biographical documentary. Broadcast from Paris on 86 Free radios of Europe, Dec. Interview by Linda Garnick-Grieve. Interview by John Benciet, in English.

    Interview by Doris Hamel. Interview by M. About Dix contes et nouvelles fantastiques. Interview by Percy Turcotte. Interview by Guy Harvey. Interview by Serge Fournier. Video document. Interview by Chantal Joli. About Le Surveillant. July 27, In prep. TV program on the interviewed. Interview by Danielle Mondoux. June 1, May 31, Interview by Michelle Roy.

    Paul Theroux interview (1998)

    The trade sheets specially bound by Colophon Press. One of 10 Roman-numbered copies bound in goatskin for private distribution signed by the author, from an edition of This copy out of series signed but not numbered. Wormholes: essays and occasional Writings. Home Truths: a novella. Design and illustrations by Philip Byrne. Bound at the Fine Bindery from trade sheets. VIII of twelve Roman-numbered copies quarter bound in goatskin with a holograph quotation signed by the author and the illustrator, from an edition of Home Truths: a Novella. Fine as issued. Camera Obscura.

    His first book, an extended poetic sequence. One of numbered copies in card wrappers, from an edition of One of twelve copies lettered A-L bound in full Indian goatskin signed by the author, from an edition of ; this copy out of series signed but not lettered. Fine in glassine dustwrapper. Harper and Wilton. One of 10 Roman-numbered copies signed by the author bound in leather for private distribution, from an edition of ; this copy out of series signed but not numbered. One of numbered copies signed by the author bound in quarter leather, from an edition of One of 26 lettered copies in quarter leather signed by the author with a holograph quotation from the text, from an edition of One of numbered copies in card wrappers signed by the author, from an edition of Marrying Damian.

    One day, however, without notice, Margaret boarded a train and vanished into the void—but not from Jean's memory. Forty years later, he is ready to look for his vanished love. The novel not only epitomizes Modiano's style and concerns but also marks a new step in his personal quest, after a mysterious walkabout in Berlin. But if you look at it right, you can still spot ancient wastelands beneath the concrete. These are the very roots of my generation.

    His latest work is the novel Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier Modiano has also written children's books. Modiano is also one of the 8 members of the jury of the French literary award Prix Contrepoint. Called the "Marcel Proust of our time", [18] he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature "for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the Occupation ".

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Modiano disambiguation. Modiano in Stockholm during the Swedish Academy 's press conference, Dec The Rappler. Retrieved 9 October The New Yorker. The Guardian. The New York Times.

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    The Independent. Retrieved 6 May Time Magazine. Zbigniew Herbert W. Moerner United States. Jean Tirole France. Nobel Prize recipients 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature.