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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 22, Michael rated it really liked it. If you're reading this and have no idea who Ron Burgundy is then stop reading this review and go rent Anchorman. If you're reading this and don't like Ron Burgundy, and Ron Burgundy was a real person he would punch you right in the mouth. Being a fan of Anchorman I had to preorder this book. Until the Brick Tamlin autobiography is released this will have to do. If Ron were a real person he would be arrogant, a bit stupid, and a bit controversial.

As a fictional character he's all of these and t If you're reading this and have no idea who Ron Burgundy is then stop reading this review and go rent Anchorman. As a fictional character he's all of these and that's why people like him. Any time you read something like this the jokes wear thin or the story becomes boring but whomever wrote this did a great job at keeping in character and most importantly being funny.

Ron Burgundy is a man, a myth, and a legend. He has truly lead a great life and he even admits to having sex with Bruce Lee. There is nothing here that will ask for you to suspend belief at any time. That's the whole point. The book is damn funny and a must read for Burgundy fans View 2 comments. Oct 01, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Although I cannot even fathom how that is possible, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with his work.

Okay, are you back? If so, I assume the transformation from curious interweb clicker to crazy superfan has officially taken place.

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Why yes. Yes you are, Mr. From his not-so-well-known friendship with Bobby Kennedy to romantic trysts with the likes of Barbara Walters with a cameo appearance by Walter Kronkite and Bruce Lee just to name a few , this is a chance to get to know Ron Burgundy on a truly philosophical level. Not only does Ron give you complete access to what made him the man he is today, he also shares the story of how the entire Channel 4 News Team came to fruition. Words cannot express how thankful I am that I had the opportunity to get inside of Ron Burgundy interpret that as you will , and this book? View all 4 comments.

May 15, Scott Rhee rated it it was amazing Shelves: humor , classy-stuff , north-korea. Ever since legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy left his humble local San Diego news station to become the highest-rated national anchorman on the first hour cable news channel, GNN, all of our lives in this country have felt the glorious impact of his innovation, genius, and beautiful hair. It may be the most important book ever written, probably. It's definitely a big deal.

Burgundy talks about his tumultuous and lust-filled childhood in the small mining town of Haggleworth, Iowa.

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Forced to endure life with seven older brothers who constantly wanted to kill him, literally, and living in a town beset with continuous mine-fires and unexpected explosions that could have ended his life at any second, Burgundy had to grow up quick and hard. Perhaps it is this hardness that helped him to push his erect manly stature onto television and to penetrate the tough world of nightly news, a world that opened itself up to him with immense pleasure once he erupted his fantastic Burgundy sauce into our souls every night.

That sentence was called a metaphor, and it was all about having sex. In case you didn't get it. Burgundy has had a major influence upon the world of television journalism, having mentored lesser-known and not-as-popular news anchors such as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer, and Brian Williams. He eventually settled down and married Ms. Corningstone, and together they sired a son. Burgundy's poetic prose waxes rhapsodic on a variety of different subjects from his love for the peoples of Mexico, to his collection of Spanish broadswords, to his gorgeous hair, to his views on homosexuality, which he thinks is perfectly fine, even though he is not homosexual in any way at all.

He writes about the wonderful night that he and Bruce Lee made love under the stars and about how he met his amazing news team of Champ Kind, Brian Fantana, and Brick Tamland. He also writes candidly about the night he, Peter Lawford, and Bobby Kennedy got shit-faced in Las Vegas and decided to go jackalope hunting. There are so many glorious little gems of stories like this that abound within the pages of Burgundy's memoirs. If you have already bought a copy of this book and read it, you already know how wonderfully life-altering it is. If you haven't, you are probably a filthy communist and deserve to be beaten to within an inch of your life.

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Jan 02, Jennifer rated it liked it. I had really high expectations for this book, I thought it would laugh-out-loud funny, and it just wasn't. Much of the content was boring, pointless, or just plain gross. A few pretty funny chapters, as well as the epic cover picture, redeemed this book from being a complete fail. Overall, just disappointing compared to my expectations. View all 3 comments. Nov 21, Ange rated it it was amazing. It is bound in a thick, rich mahogany cover and smells of vintage leather. I have, however borrowed his leaf-blower from Mr.

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Burgundy's neighbor who in fact borrowed it from the man himself three weeks ago and has yet to return it. Gosh darn it, I can't think of a time when I laughed aloud more whilst reading a memoir! If you are a fan of the humor of Anchorman, there is absolutely nothing that should stand in your way of a sojourn to your local antiquities shop or rare bookstore to finagle a priceless copy.

One can definitely appreciate the imagined narrations of this illustrious news anchor as the book gets its hooks in one and zips right along! It's the perfect bridge between the first Anchorman motion picture and the sequel, slated to release later this holiday season. If one has the ability to imagine the sensational Will Ferrell reading to one as the legendary Ron Burgundy, this book is one's ticket to a bedazzled mecca of unrivaled entertainment and culture.

San Diego's finest news anchor will speak directly to one as if one is there, naked and hiding in the closet, terrified of what one has just witnessed through the slats, yet quivering and pulsating and energized for more. The scintillating one-liners and utterly quoteable materials whiz and zing right through one's belly like great Robin of Locksley's arrows, always finding purchase in one's spleen, which is also known by the Greeks as the "seat of the emotions.

I love Anchorman. I enjoyed Anchorman 2, despite how truly bizarre it was. I got this book for Christmas having asked for it as soon as I knew it was coming out. I read it in two days, but I must admit to being slightly disappointed overall. Ron Burgundy is quite the character and he works so well on screen but I think what makes him great is being able to play off the rest of the news team and for people, such as Veronica Corningstone, to be forever rolling their eyes at his behaviour.

When you I love Anchorman. When you put such a larger than life character on the page where it is just you and him, it can be a little wearing. I found myself losing interest in certain chapters because it was just too much extreme all in one go. I had hoped for more stories relating to Brian, Champ and Brick and, while there are a few, the focus is largely on his rise to Anchordom and truly bizarre adventures mixed in the jackelopes story was pretty damned funny and was a nice tie-in with his history with animals.

The events of both movies are, understandably skipped over and there are no spoilers for Anchorman 2 within the the book but there are hints of things that happen which I found neat. Easily missed, I laughed out loud when I noticed and thought it was a clever little add-on. I like things like that. A few chapters in, Ron gets distracted and has to vent about his frustrations with his neighbour. Every couple of chapters, were are given an update on the current goings on with said neighbour and it was in these little snippets that I felt most in touch with Ron.

We know that his life is not normal and that the most surreal things do seem to happen to him but his complete ineptitude at dealing with this scenario was much funnier to me than say his encounter with Bruce Lee. It was tangents like that that I expected more of.

To anyone not in the know, it would look just like any other autobiography, complete with glossy photos. If you are a fan of Ron Burgundy in particular, well you probably already have it or at least intend to read it. If you do not find Will Farrell funny, or you don't understand why he is the way he is, and you think his type of comedy isn't funny, then you're probably not going to enjoy Let Me Off at the Top!

Yep, that's right! Me, not you. Sorry, I'm bragging again, I shouldn't tease you like that, it's not fair. I mean, far be it from me to just write upon an open forum like this and yell over everyone else's voice, "I know Ron Burgundy, and we are both better than all of you!!! No, of course I wouldn't do that, although Ron Burgundy would What you have read so far is pretty much what the book is like; random ridiculous musings, and other self-righteous repartee. Basically it is Ron Burgundy being very much, Ron Burgundy. That's the long and short of it.

Reading this will make you laugh and shake your head vigorously. Plenty of times I cocked my head backwards and laughed out loud, but also an equal amount of shaking of the head and blurting out, "Oh! Come on! If you pick this up, please do not think you're going to come away with more knowledge, because that is just a bold-faced lie. In the book Ron shares some very intimate secrets with his multitude of fans, and even shares some military secrets too.

That's how important Ron Burgundy is, even the military confides in him. He's a big deal, you all know that. Now go read his book already! View all 5 comments. Nov 28, Thaddeus Mountain rated it it was amazing. Even classier than I expected, "Let Me Off at the Top" was written with all the grace and aplomb one expects from San Diego's German for "a whale's vagina" most accomplished and venerable anchorman. I recommend reading this book in a harem while sipping on the finest scotch or scotch-like beverage, say The only story lacking and I've been told that claims of the story actually occurring are spurious is the time Burgundy was tasked with interviewing Bill Braskey.

The story goes that Even classier than I expected, "Let Me Off at the Top" was written with all the grace and aplomb one expects from San Diego's German for "a whale's vagina" most accomplished and venerable anchorman. The story goes that after Ron shows up on Braskey's summer ranch on the Siberian taiga, Braskey in the middle of an absinthe and coffee bender mistook Burgundy for an interloping Clydesdale.

Braskey, in a state of rage and panic, waits behind a Joshua tree and lunges at the mighty anchorsteed and proceeds to launch an invasion of the Caucasus oil fields with only Burgundy, the 12th descendent male of Genghis Khan, himself, and Brian Dennehy. How'd we wind up in Vegas, and did we take the Palms? Jan 02, Christine rated it liked it Shelves: biographies. I really wanted it to be a five star book.

I love both Anchorman films. I love Ron Burgandy. I didn't love this book. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, it just could have been better. I was expecting more laugh out loud moments, and some bits did make me chuckle but I felt like I just didn't get any of the stories.

The problem might be that I am from the UK, and a lot of the anecdotes are about American celebs who I have never heard of! However, you definitely get the Ron Burgandy character co I really wanted it to be a five star book. However, you definitely get the Ron Burgandy character coming through loud and clear and I can imagine he would have gone through all the crazy things he mentions.

This book will change your life. Or maybe it won't. But you will laugh and smile and cry and possibly kill a man with a trident. We ourselves are opting to wait for the hardcover leather-bound edition, because we have many other leather-bound books and our apartment smells of rich mahogany. So this book has to fit in to our classy place. Quite honestly, we don't know if Will Ferrel wrote this, but we doubt it. It was most likely ghost-written, but that's just a guess.

Let Me off at the Top! : My Classy Life and Other Musings by Ron Burgundy (2013, Hardcover)

It's probably a group of people coming up with ideas and putting this book together. It doesn't really matter though because the end result is really quite cool. You might ask, Ron is an amazing news anchor, all around good guy and general legend, but can he write a good book? Well, that's a stupid question, dummy. Suicide constantly enters your thoughts. Being awake in Canada offers nothing more than watching the sands of your own mortality pass through the hourglass until it is empty.

There is nothing to be hopeful about. There is no projection of something better, only existence in the rawest form. A Canadian might tell you he is happy. Don't be fooled. He is living within a sickening paradigm that defines happiness as joyless existing devoid of those qualities that make us human. Almost any Canadian you meet in our country and who has been out of Canada for a while can tell you that he now lives in a magical land.

I've done news stories in Canada. I don't like to go there but sometimes duty calls. Within about five minutes of entering the country I start having suicidal thoughts. The prospect of death seems like a better alternative than being in Toronto or Vancouver. I usually start drinking, which is what the whole country does. They make their beer with a higher alcohol content so they can numb out the pain faster.

Go there. You'll see. Of course, drinking is a two-edged sword. It can lead to great sadness. Combine that sadness with the naturally depressed state of everyday living in Canada and you will want to lie down on a railroad track. I have done this.

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I was covering the winter Olympic Games in Calgary. I was trying everything in the book to stay positive. I made sure I had friends around. I packed a pamphlet of daily affirmations, along with puzzles and games. I played flute every morning. I hung out in the ski lodge by the fire and read children's books to Baxter. But it was no use. Slowly Canada worked its way into my bones. I lost focus. I was told to cover the women's biathlon, normally a very exciting sport with skiing and rifle shooting and women, but I became more and more aware I was standing in Canada.

My stomach became heavy, like I had eaten mud. My shoulders stooped. I lost any bounce to my step as I trudged through the snow. Life lost all meaning until a light of hope guided me. I followed the light, a beautiful blue ray, for what seemed like days. The light sang to me. I was in a near-blissful trance and when I saw where it had led me I was euphoric.

It was a railroad track. My escape from Canada was only a nap away. I lay down and fell asleep. Luckily for me a big Swede came along. The Swedish people have a great capacity for boredom.