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Video, 04'09", Pal, colour, sound, Edition of 3 plus 1 A. Front: Life in a Bush of Ghosts , Right: Untitled , Inkjet, Premium Semimatte Photo Paper. Untitled , Excluding the pronoun 'my', Life in a Bush of Ghosts marks a point of departure from Bastos' previously self-referential approach. Unfolding to the beat of transient time, the works feature unexpected occurrences, myriad objects, materials and quirky scenarios arising in everyday city life. Sir Archibald McKinstry , Engineer. Sir Alexander Mackintosh , Parliamentary Correspondent. Sir Ashley Watson Mackintosh , Physician.

Sir Cameron Anthony Mackintosh , Theatre producer. John Bernard Bruce. Charlach Mackintosh , Son of C. Charles Rennie Mackintosh , Architect, designer and artist. Christopher Douglas Mackintosh , Son of C. Sir James Mackintosh , Philosopher. Lachlan Donald Mackintosh , Rear-Admiral. William Mackintosh , Lieutenant-Colonel. Alexander Hepburne Macklin , Surgeon. Charles Macklin ? Francis Henry Macklin , Actor. Maria Macklin active , Daughter of Thomas Macklin.

Alexander Heriot Mackonochie , Divine. Sir Digby Mackworth, Bt Crawford Maclachlan , Admiral. Sir T. Leigh Maclachlan , Principal agent of Conservative party. Sir Andrew Douglas Maclagan , Physician and expert in forensic medicine and public health. Sir Edward Douglas Maclagan , Civil servant. Ian McLagan , Musician. Michael Maclagan , Historian and herald. Archibald Maclaine , Theologian. James Maclaine Maclean , Highwayman.

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John Victor Macmillan , Bishop of Guildford. Sir Kenneth Macmillan , Choreographer.

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Margaret McMillan , Educationalist. Norman Macmillan , Wing Commander and author. William Miller Macmillan , Professor of Anthropology. John Macmurdo active mid 18th century. Stan McMurtry , 'Mac'; cartoonist. Francis Macnab , 16th Chief of the Clan Macnab. Iain Macnab , Artist and wood engraver. Edward Macnaghten, Baron Macnaghten , Barrister and politician. Denis McNair , Mayor of Paddington. Ray McNally , Actor. James Dillon Macnamara circa , Army officer in the 59th Regiment. Nugent MacNamara active Sir Patrick Macnamara , Rear-Admiral.

Sir Daniel Macnee , Portrait painter. Patrick Macnee , Actor. Frederick Louis MacNeice , Poet. Hector McNeil , Journalist and politician. Herman Cyril McNeile , 'Sapper'; soldier and novelist. Sir Arthur Macneltz. Robert Macnish , Physician and author. Archibald White Maconochie , Politician and businessman. Alexander Macphail , Anatomist. Charles Macpherson , Organist and choir conductor.

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William Maginn , Poet, journalist and writer. Anna Magnani , Actress. Rosana Magner , Model. Mayotte Magnus , Photographer; wife of Jorge 'J.

Inglis - Classic Yearling Sale - Lot , Hinchinbrook x Angel of Avalon

Sir Philip Magnus, 1st Bt , Politician and educationist. Magnus Magnusson , Writer and broadcaster. Edward Magrath , Secretary of the Atheneaum Club. Emily Maguire , Hockey player; Olympian. James Rochfort Maguire , Company director and imperialist. John Francis Maguire , Irish newspaper proprietor and politician. Les Maguire , Musician; member of Gerry and the Pacemakers. Sir John Pentland Mahaffy , College head and classical scholar.

Danny Aloysius Maher , Jockey. Sir James Maher , Major-General. Anna Mahler , Austrian sculptor; daughter of Gustav Mahler. Kurt Mahler , Mathematician. Sir Bryan Thomas Mahon , General. Denis Mahon , Major.

Natural Light Romantic Feminine Portrait, Behind The Scenes

Derek Mahon , Poet. Sir John Denis Mahon , Art historian and collector. Reginald Henry Mahon , Major-General. Georgie Mahrer active s , Dancer and actor. Gaydzag Mahtesian. Viviene Mai active Charles 'Charlie' Maidment , Jockey. John May Mailliard died , Writer. Mails active , Hairdresser.

Max Maimann died , Company chairman. Basil Stephen Maine , Musician and author. John Maine , Sculptor. George Boulton Mainwaring born ? Sir Philip Mainwaring , Secretary for Ireland. Miss P. Mainwaring , Model.

Room 134 - Picture of Eliza Thompson House, Historic Inns of Savannah, Savannah

William Henry Mainwaring , Politician, coal miner, lecturer and trade unionist. Thomas Mair , Minister of the Secession Church. Stuart Petre Brodie Mais , Broadcaster and novelist. Edward Maitland , Air force officer. Frederic William Maitland , Historian of law. John Alexander Fuller Maitland , Music critic. Lydia Maitland active s , Actress. Sir Peregrine Maitland , General and colonial governor. Sir Thomas Maitland , Army officer and colonial official.

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Mallam , Amateur rower. George Bruce Malleson , Colonel and military writer. William Miles Malleson , Actor, dramatist and stage director. Sir Wilfrid Malleson , Major-General.

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  • Sir Bernard Mallet , Civil servant. Donald Mallet , Journalist. Sir Louis du Pan Mallet , Civil servant. Reginald Mallett , Bishop of Northern Indiana. William Hurrell Mallock , Author on social reform. George Leigh Mallory , Mountaineer. Renee Mallory circa , Actress. Sir Max Mallowan , Archaeologist. James Harris, 1st Earl of Malmesbury , Diplomat. Ernst Malmsten , Businessman. Gina Malo , Actress. Anthony Malone , Irish lawyer and politician. Edmond Malone , Critic and editor of Shakespeare. Patricia Malone , Actress and singer. Sir Patrick Bernard Malone , Major and politician.

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    Manning , Conservative candidate. Minerva Manning born , Stepsister of Henry Fourdrinier. Miss M. Paul Manning , Cyclist; Olympian. William Manning , Governor of the Bank of England. Michael Mannion active circa , 'The Bard of Kensington'. Patrick L. Mannock , Script writer and film critic. Sir August Friedrich Manns , Conductor.

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    George Pleydell Mansel , Lieutenant-Colonel. Rauf Mansel , Served in Royal Marines. Regnier Ranulf Dabridgecourt Mansel , Soldier. William Lort Mansel , Bishop of Bristol and college head. William 'Bill' Mansell , Colonel. Nigel Ernest James Mansell , Racing driver. Michael John Manser , Architect.

    Sir Maurice James Mansergh , Admiral. Philip Nicholas Seton Mansergh , Historian. Sir Robert Mansergh , General. Ernst von Mansfeld, Count von Mansfeld circa , German soldier. William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield , Judge. David Murray, 2nd Earl of Mansfield , Diplomat and statesman. David William Murray, 3rd Earl of Mansfield Katherine Mansfield , Writer. Leon Mansfield , Surfer; son of Roger Mansfield. Sir Peter Mansfield , Physicist. Fielder Johnson. Richard Mansfield , Actor.

    Roger Mansfield , Surfer; Historian. Wilfrid Stephen Mansfield , Minister of Agriculture and lecturer. William Thomas Mansfield , Politician. Man Singh, Raja of Dhrangadhra Alexander Manson , Physician at Nottingham. Edward Manson circa , Auctioneer. Manson active , Father of the two Mansons of Christie's. Sir Patrick Manson , Pioneer of tropical medicine.

    Thomas Walter Manson , Professor of Theology. William Manson died , Auctioneer. Sir Philip Manson-Bahr , Physician. Sir Cecil George Mant , Architect. Sir Reginald Arthur Mant , Indian civil servant. Dame Hilary Mantel , Novelist and critic. Gideon Algernon Mantell , Obstetrician, geologist and palaeontologist. Marcus Dyce Manton , Aviator. Thomas Manton , Presbyterian divine. Annunzio Paolo Mantovani , Conductor. Roger Manvell , Film historian and biographer. Lesley Ann Manville , Actress. Sir Roger Manwood , Judge.

    James Henry Mapleson , Opera manager. Mappen active s , Bill poster in Sheffield. Robert Mapplethorpe , Photographer. John Erskine, 18th or 2nd Earl of Mar circa , Courtier and politician. John Erskine, 22nd or 6th Earl of Mar baptised , Jacobite army officer, politician and architect. Jean Paul Marat , French revolutionary. Lila Maravan died , Actress; wife of Ronald Simpson. Fay Marbe , Actress. Patrick Marber , Writer and director. Alice Marble , American tennis player. Charles L. Marburg active Marcel Marceau , Mime artist.

    Miss Marcelle , Dancer. John March baptised , Church of England clergyman and scholar. Nadine March , Actress. Mrs March active Jean Marchand , Painter. Mrs Marchand active Earl of March and Darnley active circa ss. Sir James Marchant , Social writer and worker. Nathaniel Marchant , Gem engraver and medallist. John Marchbank , Transport executive. Luigi Marchesi , Italian male soprano. Giuseppe Filippo Liberati 'Joseph' Marchi ?

    Jackie Marcon , Actress. Guglielmo Marconi , Physicist and inventor of wireless transmission. Guilo Marconi , Son of Guglielmo Marconi. Michael Marcus , Barrister and politician. Robert Ranulph Marett , Philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist. Margaret of France ? Margaret Tudor , Queen of Scotland.

    Sir Mortimer R. William Henry Margetson , Photographer. David Samuel Margoliouth , Classical scholar and orientalist. Charles Henry Margrett , Justice of the Peace and alderman. Maria I, Queen of Portugal , Reigned Henrietta Maria , Queen of Charles I. Luis Mariano , Tenor.

    Elisabetta 'Nicky' Mariano , Bernard Berenson secretary and lover. Marie active Marilyn Peter Robinson , Singer. Marie Ernestine Marimon , Soprano. Arthur Henry Marindin , Major-General. Cecil Colvile Marindin , Colonel. Henry Colvile Marindin died , Barrister. Marino Marini , Sculptor. Mrs Marini active s , Professional beauty. Stella Maris , Actress; daughter of Albert Toft. George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal ?

    George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal ? Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux , French playwright. Edward Marjoribanks , Banker. Emma Marjoribanks , Daughter of Edward Marjoribanks. Laura Marjoribanks , Daughter of Edward Marjoribanks. Miss Marjoribanks active , Daughter of Edward Marjoribanks.

    Raymond John Marker , Colonel. Marker active mid 18th century , Reverend. Vanscolina; second wife of Sir Charles Markham, 2nd Bt. Beryl Markham , Author and aviator. Sir Charles Markham, 2nd Bt , Diplomat and army officer. Sir Clements Robert Markham , Arctic explorer, geographer and writer. Daisy Markham , Actress. Gervase Markham ? Sir Henry Vaughan Markham , Civil servant.

    Elisa Maza

    Pauline Markham , Actress. William Markham active mid 19th century. Yoshio Markino , Illustrator and author. Gregory Markopoulos , American film-maker. Dame Alicia Markova , Ballet dancer. David Joseph Marks , Architect. Harry Hananel Marks , Journalist, newspaper proprietor and politician. Henry Stacy Marks , Painter. James Hardy Marks , Squadron Leader. John Henry Marks , Physician. George Markstein circa , Author, journalist and screenwriter. John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough , Soldier and statesman. Charles Spencer, 3rd Duke of Marlborough , Politician and army officer.

    James Ley, 1st Earl of Marlborough , Judge. Leslie Sydney Marler , Major and company chairman. Leslie Richard Spencer Marler , Company director. Maitland Marler , Actor. Marion Marler , Actress and singer. James Marley , Politician and schoolmaster. Violet Marley , Actress; niece of Bert Coote.

    Sir Charles Murray Marling , Diplomat. Laura Marling , Singer, songwriter and musician. Thomas Henry Marlowe , Journalist. Charles Gresham Marmion active s , Bishop of Kentucky. Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora , Italian statesman. Sir John Marnoch , Surgeon and Colonel. Maroille , Belgian delegate of the International Miners' Congress. Daniel Marot , Architect and designer. Hilary Adair Marquand , Economist and politician. John Phillips Marquand , Novelist.

    David Marr active James William Slessor Marr , Biologist and polar explorer. Johnny Marr , Musician; member of The Smiths. Joseph Marriage , Slavery abolitionist. Guy Frederic Marrian , Biochemist. Guy Frederic Marriner , Pianist. Alice Marriott , Actress and theatre manager; wife of Robert Edgar. Charles Stowell 'Father' Marriott , Cricketer. Frederick Marriott , Artist. George Wharton Marriott , Barrister and police magistrate. Harvey Marriott , Vicar, Loddiswell, Devon. Sir Hayes Marriott , Malayan civil service. James William Marriott , Author.

    William Marriott died , Reputed gourmand and lawyer.