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I can't feel any happiness Right now I'm a very weary young man. Mancini managed to get back in the ring, and successfully defended his title four more times, before back-to-back losses to Livingstone Bramble pushed him out of the sport. Mancini was 24 when he retired from boxing in he would return to the ring twice in later years.

By that time, Richard Green, the bout's referee, and Kim's mother had both committed suicide. Mancini's retirement did not come as a surprise to Bob Arum, his promoter.

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He didn't have the same zest for fighting. Kim's death was not in vain. The damage that he and Mancini did to each other saw boxing begin to end the practice of round championship fights, limiting them to 12 rounds like regular bouts. Mancini too seems to have recovered; aware of his past, "November 13 is a day of grieving for me," he told an ESPN documentary, "I grieve for that day in remembrance of Kim and his family.

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I always will. George Khalid Jones found redemption elsewhere. Jones never reached the heights that Mancini did, although was still a credible boxer.

Management of bleeding following major trauma: an updated European guideline

When he stepped into the ring against Beethavean Scottland on June 26, , he was an undefeated prospect looking to make it to the next level. To get there, Jones was due to be fighting David Telesco, who was himself looking to bounce back from being outscored by the legendary Roy Jones Jr. However, Telesco was forced to pull out at the last minute. Intrepid docked in New York City, Scottland was drafted in to replace him.

Khalid Jones was the bigger and better fighter, but journeyman Scottland was all heart and knew he'd never get a chance as big as the Jones fight again. Unfortunately there was no fairytale, and towards the end of the fight the gulf in class was showing. But this is the one thing Scottland will always do—it's in his DNA.

He always fights back, until the fight is over. And so it is this night. Scottland tried to mount a comeback, but Jones had a lot left in the tank and deftly ended the bout by knockout in the 10th round. The story then played out: collapse, hospital, coma, death. Beethavean Scottland was 26 when he died two days later on July 1, , survived by his wife and three children. Jones's immediate reaction was to quit boxing, a decision not taken lightly given that the sport along with his conversion to Islam saved him from a troubled life peppered with stays in prison.

However, a phone call from Denise Scottland, Beethaeven's widow, changed that. She recounted to Tom Rinaldi how she told Jones that she didn't blame him for what happened, and how her husband would want Jones to carry on boxing. In turn Jones did fight on and eventually even met Denise; the two solidified a most unlikely friendship.

Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding (Reading 2016)

Jones never reached the heights of boxing his undefeated days before the Scottland fight indicated he could, retiring in at Still, the sport, and his relationship with Denise, left a mark on him. Is there a purpose to me being here?

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I never want anybody to say [Beethaeven] was killed by a drug addict or a drug dealer or a nobody. That's what makes me live my life better. When Francisco Rodriguez died in , his family did it by donating his organs. Chris Eubank could find a similar solace when he finished the London Marathon side-by-side with Michael Watson in , 12 years after their fateful bout.

In their rematch for the Super-Middleweight title, Watson collapsed in the ring after the referee stopped the fight. Despite no oxygen or doctors being at ringside, Watson somehow beat the odds and survived the bleed on his brain, although he suffered permanent neurological damage.

Eubank continued boxing after that night in London, but was never the same.

To stop the bleeding, the platelet have to 'die'

The eccentric middleweight had lost his killer instinct, a fact that he's both claimed and denied in the past but which the statistics prove. In his last 23 fights Eubank managed only five stoppages, all against relative journeyman fighters, compared to 18 across his first 29 bouts. Whether Eubank wanted to admit it or not was irrelevant: he'd not lost his ability to box.

The way he ground out points victories proved that; he could no longer find it within himself to knock his opponents out. Boxing does what it can to prevent these tragedies. By , six years after Kim Duk-koo's death, all title bouts were only 12 rounds. Boxing commissions around the globe, especially in Asia, work harder to ensure that fighters traveling across jurisdictions are not endangering themselves by taking on opponents who are dangerously superior.

You might find it hard to believe, considering the well-known story of the Von Erichs has earned the family the legend of a curse. Out of six sons of patriarch Fritz Von Erich , five died tragic, early deaths, before Fritz died of lung cancer in Kevin Von Erich wrestled his final match in , in Isreal, tagging with his two sons. The Von Erich family remain revered amongst pro wrestling fans in Israel to this day. The Last of the Von Erichs has to cover the tragedy of five dead Von Erich brothers, so less time is able to be spent exploring the lives and careers of each brother than previous episodes that told the stories of one or two people.

Next, it was fifth son Mike Von Erich who, after trying to replace his brother in the family business, committed suicide by overdose. Youngest brother Chris followed a few years later, committing suicide via gunshot to the head.

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But Kerry wrestled with a secret: his foot had been amputated following a motorcycle accident. None of this is new information to longtime wrestling fans, though casual viewers will find the story told in a compelling-enough fashion. The episode, as usual, is narrated by Dutch Mantell. The same formula as past episodes applies: shadowy footage of muscle-bound men dressed to look enough like the Von Erichs is intercut with the video interviews and old wrestling footage. Kevin describes himself as the luckiest man in the world despite what happened to his brothers, whom, along with his father, he holds in high regard.